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SnakeBytes 8/30: In Remembrance of Jason Kubel

It's official. The Jason Kubel Experiment has ended with the news of his DFA and now the trade to the Cleveland Indians. I think I speak for everyone when I say he won't be missed.

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It was then that Jason realized beer had ruined his life.
It was then that Jason realized beer had ruined his life.


I take one day at a time. You can drive yourself crazy if you are watching the Reds and watching the Dodgers and, 'Aghhh, they won.' What we can control is how we play right now.

Kevin Towers

We've kind of changed the makeup of our order right now. We've got some speed guys up there, little lefties, try to get them on base and have an influence on the pitches that 'Goldy' and 'Prat' (Prado) and 'Hilly' and (Eric) Chavez are going to see. It has worked pretty good, and that is the way we are going to go.

Kirk Gibson

Diamondbacks Off-Day Special

Arizona Diamondbacks strike deal sending Jason Kubel to Cleveland Indians |
The Indians and D-backs have agreed to a deal to send outfielder Jason Kubel to Cleveland in exchange for a Minor Leaguer and cash, a baseball source said on Thursday night.

Arizona Diamondbacks close to moving Jason Kubel | AZCentral
Arizona Diamondbacks close to moving Jason Kubel,The Diamondbacks appear to be moving closer to finding a new home for outfielder Jason Kubel, whom they cut ties with on Tuesday by designating him for assignment.

D-backs focusing on own business as Giants visit | Fox Sports Arizona
The Diamondbacks' remaining schedule looks inviting, and their six-game deficit behind the Reds in the race for an NL wild-card berth is hardly insurmountable given recent history. But you will not catch many in the D-backs' camp looking further ahead than the first game of a three-game series against the Giants that begins Friday at Chase Field.

Speed kills: D-backs like Campana, Eaton atop lineup | Fox Sports Arizona
The Diamondbacks have wanted to put speed at the top of their order since they saw the impact Adam Eaton made in the final month of 2012. In the last week, they have doubled up to catch up. Deciding the best way to make a run at the playoffs is with more speed in the lineup, the D-backs have started left-handed hitters Tony Campana and Eaton in the top two spots in the lineup in four of the last five games, and in all four against right-handed starters.

Arizona Diamondbacks relievers stir up fun while waiting in bullpen | AZCentral
Not much of importance happens in a big-league bullpen before the fifth inning. Sometimes the closer doesn’t even appear until then.

Submarine pitchers Brad Ziegler, Kent Tekulve share special bond |
Brad Ziegler and Kent Tekulve had never met and a generation separated their playing careers. But when the two sat down together to talk recently in the visitors' dugout at PNC Park, the shared bond between the two was evident.

Today in Baseball

The State of the NotAwards Races | NotGraphs Baseball
Least Valuable Player (NL) - In my mind, the award has to come down to two guys who have made a real difference in their teams’ respective fortunes. One is Arizona’s Jason Kubel, league leader in WAR at -1.7, who’s put up a pitiful .270 wOBA at the classic offense-first position of left field. Though he only has 267 PAs to his credit, he’s made the most of them, taking nearly two wins away from possibly the one team in the league that could use them the most.

Anthony Gose can't hit
But boy can he field.

CJ Wilson tumbles
Watch out there CJ, that lip is a nasty one.

▶ RIP Matt Harvey's Elbow | YouTube
You were taken from us too soon.

Torri Hunter bat-flip
The actual bat flip is a 7/10 but he did it on a WALK-OFF HOMER. 9/10

Koji Uehara is weird
The guy behind him doesn't even know what to do except keep the high-five form.