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Diamondbacks 2, Red Sox 5

A pitching duel was overshadowed by an 8th inning that could have gone better.

So Patrick Corbin pitched a good game, but ran into some trouble in a 1-1 game in the 7th inning. On his 100th and final pitch of the game Jacoby Ellsbury hit a blooper that scored a run. Will Harris came into the game and gave up a sac fly, but limited the damage.

The D'Backs threatened in the top of the 8th against Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa. In fact, they got the bases loaded with no outs and Aaron Hill up. Hill delivered with a hard hit liner that was cut off by Jonny Gomes in shallow left field. Under these circumstances, you take the one run with Paul Goldschmidt coming up, but Matt Williams decided to let Cliff Pennington die out there for an out. Goldschmidt struck out, and Chavez hit a fly ball that probably would have scored Pennington anyway, but nope that was the third out so you can't really do that.

This was compounded by David Hernandez being David Hernandez in 2013 and giving up a two-run shot to Jarrod Saltalamacchia to put the game effectively out of reach, and out of reach it was as the Diamondbacks went meekly into the 9th.

Hard to remember that at the beginning of this game, Corbin and new Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy were locked in a pitcher's duel. Goldschmidt also had another dinger, his second in two games at Fenway.

Full recap upcoming.