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Pit Your Wits Week 19: Death or Glory

This week, we eulogize the Diamondbacks, even though they're technically still in a playoff race.

Hulton Archive

Hey all. I'm less busy and frayed and whatnot this week, so PYW is back in its full glory. Let's get to the winners of the "Do something vaguely untoward if you were commissioner" challenge

First Place - Xipooo - 10 Recs

Every inning players have to rotate positions

Like volleyball.

Second Place - AzRattler - 8 Recs

Plays under Review be decided no longer by video slow-mo

But by popular vote in the stadium

Third Place - kishi - 7 Recs

Institute the designate hitter in the National League

I mean, if we’re going with evil…

Standings as they, well, stand:

Diamondhacks 25
Zavada's Moustache 24
imstillhungry95 23
Jim McLennan 21
piratedan7 17
blank_38 17
TimInTucson 11
preston.salisbury 11
soco 10
Xipooo 9
AJV19 7
kishi 7
SenSurround 6
AzDbackfanInDc 6
AzRattler 6
rd33 5
Dirtdawg90 4
BlackedOutInUT 3
TylerO 1
Reynolds Rapper 1

This week: The Diamondbacks died last week. I don't care if they're "still mathematically in it" or whatever. What your job is is to give a eulogy for the season. Could be just some words strung together, could be poetry, could be an angry soliloquy. It's up to you. The most recs gets the most points, as that it how it works.