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SnakeBytes 8/27: The Red Beard Returns

Ian Kennedy faces off against his old teammates, David Holmberg takes the mound for the big league team, and more.

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Ralph Freso

Quotes of the Day

“I’ve kind of stopped looking at the standings. We’ve got to go out and win games. Let’s worry about what we can control right now, and that’s hopefully winning the series and winning ballgames. That’s how you get back in the race.”

- Kevin Towers on the Diamondbacks' playoff hopes.

"It actually stood out pretty quick and I don't know why it hadn't before. That Reds start was so bad it's one that you have to internalize quickly and find out what's going on. When I went looking for one issue it was definitely there. I went back and looked through about the last year of footage and I noticed it was creeping in more and more and more, leading to a lot of unreliable pitches so we (he and pitching coach Charles Nagy) had to go and attack that this week."

- Brandon McCarthy on making mechanical changes in advance of Monday's game.

“It will be a little big different for about a second. Just like he wants to beat us, we wish him well, but he’s in our division so it’s a little different. Not too much success, and certainly not tomorrow.

- Kirk Gibson on competing against Ian Kennedy.

Diamondbacks News

Grit Index: McCarthy, D-backs beat Padres in series opener

Brandon McCarthy bounced back nicely from his terrible start against the Reds. McCarthy worked seven strong innings, giving up only one unearned run.

Ian Kennedy to make Arizona return against Diamondbacks

An interesting pitching match-up tonight as Ian Kennedy faces of against his old team. Also notable; Prospect David Holmberg will make a spot start in place of Trevor Cahill, who was forced to make an emergency relief appearance in the Diamondbacks' marathon game with the Phillies.

Arizona Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers not ready to throw in towel

Kevin Towers still holds out hope that the Diamondbacks can sneak into the playoffs. Towers highlights injuries to key players as a primary reason the Diamondbacks find themselves 7 games out of the Wild Card hunt and 9.5 games behind the Dodgers. “People that we kind of envisioned (having) at the start of the year we’ve lost for significant time, which has been tough,” Towers said. “Getting guys like Montero back and Chavez back, they’re experienced players. They’ve been in playoff runs before. Experience pays off, late in the year especially.”

Prado's called-shot homer part of 'heartwarming' story

It happened in the first inning of an 18 inning game, so you'd be forgiven if you forgot about it, but after Martin Prado put a ball into the left field bleachers, he pointed to a disabled man in the stands. It turns out Martin called the shot before the game. Here's the back story.

10th Inning: Riding in cars with boys | Fox Sports Arizona

Jody Jackson rides along with Martin Prado and Gerardo Parra on their way to the stadium, hi-jinx (and dancing) ensue.

Haboob over Chase Field | Fox Sports Arizona

Not the most dramatic dust storm we've had, but here are some nice shots of the storm approaching Chase Field during Monday night's game.

Around the League

New York Mets' Matt Harvey likely out for the year, could be headed for Tommy John surgery | The Strike Zone

Terrible news for Matt Harvey, the Mets, Mets fans, fans of young power pitching, fans of baseball – it's bad news for pretty much everyone.

Matt Harvey injury: Can you blame a thing? - Baseball Nation

How do injuries like Matt Harvey's happen? Dr. James Andrews, the most famous surgeon in sports, attributes injuries to the UCL to overuse. Specifically, overuse before players reach the big leagues.

Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis' pursuit of Roger Maris enters the home stretch | The Strike Zone

It's not quite 1998 – in more ways than one – but it's nice to have an honest home run record chase to follow.

So Why Do the Angels Suck? | FanGraphs Baseball

The Angels' war on watchable baseball will soon have a casualty. Either Jerry DiPoto or Mike Scioscia will be out in Anaheim by the end of the season.