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David Holmberg to Start Tomorrow

The team has announced that Lefty David Holmberg will start tomorrow's game against the Padres.


With Trevor Cahill pitching some innings in that marathon of a game against Philadelphia, it was more than likely that the team needed a spot starter for tomorrow. That spot has come in the form of David Holmberg. Holmberg, as you should recall if you read this website a lot which is a thing you should be doing, was the other player received from the White Sox in the Edwin Jackson for Daniel Hudson trade of 2010. In 152 innings in AA Mobile so far this year, he has put up an impressive 2.66 ERA and is averaging 6.8 Strikeouts per 9 innings.

He will make his start against Ian Kennedy's return to Chase Field. Kennedy, of course, was part of the initial trade that brought Edwin Jackson to Arizona. It's all connected, man.

The team has yet to announce a corresponding move, and such a move will require a shift in the 40-Man roster, as Holmberg is currently not on it.