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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 20

We move into the penultimate week of the regular season, and there's still lots to be decided, but the first playoff spot is now locked up.


Week 20 Results

AZ SnakePit 5, Dirt McGrit 5
A late comeback saw Snake pull out a respectable tie against a team with playoff hopes. Dirt dominated hitting, behind three HR and six RBI from Beltran, with Desmond homering twice. But Snake came back in pitching, with four saves by Reed, and a W + 16 K from Garza.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 5, Mizzoula Osprey 4
The ESPN game was a great one, Wieter edging Mizzoula. Longoria swept pitching, Pitcher of the Week Fernandez getting two W and 16 strikeouts and Chapman three Sv Mizzoula almost swept hitting, Cabrera and Victoring homering twice, but fell one crucial SB short.

Phoenix Platypi 2, Sofa King Juiced 8
Leaders Sofa became the first team to clinch a post-season spot, rolling to a comfortable victory, behind a collective 1.69 ERA led by Kennedy's W and eight shutout K's. They also got two home-runs and seven RBI from Jackson; Rosario had three HR and drove in seven for the Platypi.

Alabama Slammers 5, Waffles 4
Another close game between two sides fighting for playoff spots, and a slugfest, the sides combining for 20 HR. Alabama got three and seven RBI from Castro; Waffles four HR by Hitter of the Week Longoria. Parker (two W, 13 K) led the Slammers pitching; Cashner fanned 10 for Waffles.

CompleteGameShutout 3, Got Grittiness? 7
14 strikeouts by Tillman led Grittiness to a pitching-powered victory, backed by three Saves from Mujica; Henderson notched three Sv as well for Complete. They also got two HR and five driven in by Ramirez; Werth matched that for Got, and Werth added three HR and five more RBI.

Space Wizard 6, Blonde Streaks 2
With two weeks left, it looks all but lost for Blonde, 18.5 points in the relegation zone. Space racked up three Saves apiece from Janssen and Rodney, with Burnett getting a W + 13 K. Nathan had a W + Sv for Space, and Jones two HR and six RBI. Votto homered twice for the Wizards.

The Fighting Amish 3, Moved Upton 7
Amish too, are in deep trouble with two weeks left. Upton pounded 13 HR, with three and nine RBI for Schierholz, backed by two + nine RBI from Prado. Moss had three HR for the Amish, and Ryu struck out 12. Liriano led Moved's pitchers, giving them a Win plus 16 strikeouts.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
*1 Sofa King Juiced 128-59-13 .673 - 8-2-0 2 18
2 Mizzoula Osprey 114-76-10 .595 15.5 4-5-1 14 30
3 Waffles 114-81-5 .583 18 4-5-1 7 36
4 MyWieterGetzLongoria 100-87-13 .533 28 5-4-1 6 22
5 Moved Upton 102-90-8 .530 28.5 7-3-0 4 36
6 Alabama Slammers 97-89-14 .520 30.5 5-4-1 11 58
7 Dirt McGrit 97-91-12 .515 31.5 5-5-0 9 25
8 Space Wizard 88-95-17 .483 38 6-2-2 5 2
9 Got Grittiness? 90-100-10 .475 39.5 7-3-0 12 47
10 AZ SnakePit 87-103-10 .460 42.5 5-5-0 1 13
11 Phoenix Platypi 86-105-9 .453 44 2-8-0 3 7
12 CompleteGameShutout 87-107-6 .450 44.5 3-7-0 10 44
13 The Fighting Amish 71-121-8 .375 59.5 3-7-0 13 28
14 Blonde Streaks 66-123-11 .358 63 2-6-2 8 13

Week 21 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. CompleteGameShutout
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Dirt McGrit
Phoenix Platypi vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Alabama Slammers vs. Sofa King Juiced
Waffles vs. Moved Upton
Space Wizard vs. Got Grittiness?
The Fighting Amish vs. Blonde Streaks

Waffles vs. Moved Upton is the ESPN Game of the Week, and with only one round after this one, should go some way to deciding post-season aspirations. Upton are fifth, but there's only 3.5 points covering fourth and seventh, and the other teams in that zone have tough challenges - all told, six of the top seven are facing off this week, so things could change significantly by this time next Monday.