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Preview: Game #129, Diamondbacks @ Phillies

Anyone up for more baseball? Anybody? Hello? Is this thing on?

Rich Schultz


Patrick Corbin
LHP, 13-3, 2.45

Roy Halladay
RHP, 2-4, 8.65

Diamondbacks line-up

Yeah, no line-up available at this point, and I have to say, this is probably going to be one of my terser previews, since it's about 1am, and I should probably be in bed! It looks like the Phillies will be activating Roy Halladay off the DL to start the game today, their scheduled starter having been burned in futile effort last night/this morning. Tyler Cloyd threw five scoreless innings in relief, but was the last available pitcher for the Phillies, and the D-backs finally teed off against Casper Wells.

Halladay last pitched in the majors more than three and a half months ago, and had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder in mid-May. He had been quietly rehabbing down in the minors, having made a couple of starts for the Gulf Coast Phillies, but wasn't intended to be activated for this series. But newly-anointed Phillies manager made the call, and so, we get to see what Halladay has got. Hopefully, the ERA shown above is a fairly accurate assessment, and one senses he will be out there for the duration, pretty much regardless of what the results are like, the Philadelphia bullpen having worked 17.1 innings yesterday.

The good news is, there's no-one in the D-backs rotation I'd rather see take the mound than Corbin, who has given us six or more innings in all but one of his 25 starts this season. Last time, he was particularly impressive, throwing a complete game against the Reds in Cincinnati, striking out ten, and walking none. That was a huge help to our bullpen then, wheezing at it was after a 16-inning marathon two days prior to that, and obviously, it would be even more helpful if he can pitch deeper than usual into the game today. Wouldn't be surprised to see Chas Roe optioned back to Reno and a fresh arm flown in to replace him. It's probably already on the way...

I should be up in time to throw a line-up into the Gameday Thread, but I'm now heading off to bed. Probably not as tired as everyone involved in last night's game though: not just the players, but the umpires, coaches and broadcasters! I suspect that if this game is tied after eight, Gibby and Sandberg might just decide to meet at home-plate and flip a coin to decide the winner!