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Snake Bytes 8/24: Walk Away

The Diamondbacks' offense was mostly kept in check and the bullpen once again proved unable to hold things down as Heath Bell walked the bases loaded with one out in the ninth, only to be relieved by Eury De La Rosa who then walked Chase Utley to end the game.

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Brian Garfinkel

Quick Quotes

"That game's on me, I let it get away in the sixth inning," said Miley, who allowed three runs on five hits and left with the score tied at 3. "It should have been 3-1. We should have won the game 3-1. I missed on the next few pitches with the game on the line and it cost us."

Wade Miley

"We didn't get it done here today. I'm not worried about the past. We have to find a way to win. Not that we played poorly, we just didn't play well enough to win."

Wade Miley

"We didn't get it done here today. I'm not worried about the past. We have to find a way to win. Not that we played poorly, we just didn't play well enough to win."

Kirk Gibson

Daily Diamondback Digest

Phillies Walk Away With Game One

The Phillies took game one of their series against the Arizona Diamondbacks on a walk-off walk issued by reliever Eury De La Rosa with one out in the ninth. The win spoiled a mostly strong outing by Wade Miley who pitched six innings, allowing three earned runs.  The walk-off manner of the loss also added insult to injury, quite literally, as the Diamondbacks also lost recovering closer J.J. Putz to a lacerated and dislocated pinky in the seventh.

McCarthy Identifies Flaw in Mechanics

Struggling Arizona starter Brandon McCarthy feels he has successfully identified a flaw in his mechanics. Now it's a matter of correcting the flaw that has detrimentally affected his control. The problem is, it may not be an easy fix, and could take a substantial amount of time to correct even if it is. Hopefully that isn't the case.

Diamondbacks Twos

Eaton in the two-hole, Hill at second base, and Putz's second DL trip.

Aaron Hill Can Hit

Even with a broken hand, Aaron Hill still continues to rake. Here's a look at just how good he has been since being acquired by the Diamondbacks. Did anyone realize he had actually been this good?

Bloomquist, Montero Eager to Return

With a cluttered infield and strong production from "back-up" catcher Wil Nieves, Willie Bloomquist and Miguel Montero are finding the road back to the majors a slow one. Montero may be back for the next home stand, but it looks like Bloomquist may see his day come after the 40-man expansion.

Is This the Team That It Should Be?

Are the Arizona Diamondbacks on pace to be exactly the team that everyone thought they were all along? At least one columnist thinks so.

Around MLB

Braun's Apology: A Snarky AZ Central Take

Never known for the lack of snark and excessive sarcasm, the folks at AZ Central have put together a translation of Ryan Braun's "apology".


It really is up for grabs with four "leading" contenders, and that doesn't even count Hanley Ramirez.

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42 Days of Mo

For those who haven't gotten sick of hearing about Mariano Rivera, his final season, and his career, is doing a series on the storied reliever.


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