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Diamondbacks 7, Reds 10

What looked to be a pure rout by the Cincinnati Reds turned into a closer game than expected, but the end result was the same. Brandon McCarthy delivered a fairly disastrous start for the Diamondbacks, giving up a solo home run to start the bottom of the first, and allowing a total of seven runs in 2.1 innings.

Mike Leake started the game off well for Cincinnati, going 1-2-3 through the Diamondbacks lineup in the first three innings, but the offense started waking up in the middle innings. An RBI single from Jason Kubel broke up the shutout, and a home run from Adam Eaton cut the lead in half. The Diamondbacks continued to add on, cutting the Reds lead down to one run in the eighth inning. But Brad Ziegler struggled in the bottom of the eighth, allowing Cincinnati to string together singles and pad their lead, and the Diamondbacks offense couldn't score in the ninth.