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Snake Bytes 8/15: Raising Hill

Wednesday night was Aaron Hill's turn to provide late-inning heroics as the Diamondbacks swept the three game series against Baltimore, all three games on walk-off hits.

Norm Hall

Quick Quotes

"It's what we do."

Kirk Gibson

"It's been like that all year, guys have been battling until the end and luckily we were on top today."

Aaron Hill

"Everybody was tired and we just kept going and kept going."

Martin Prado

Daily Diamondback Digest

Hill Brings the Magic on WednesdayDiamondbacks Sweep Orioles on Third Consecutive Walk-off

Things looked bleak for the Diamondbacks after two innings in game three of the series against Baltimore. Patrick Corbin was not showing his usual crispness, and the team was down 41- against a formidable Baltimore team. However, 5 more solid innings from Corbin, followed by five shutout innings from the bullpen provided the Diamondbacks' offense the opportunity they needed to make things right. On Wednesday, it was Aaron Hill's turn to crush the Orioles' hopes as he first got to Orioles closer Jim Johnson in the ninth with an RBI single and then to starting reliever Bud Norris in the 14th with another single up the middle with runners on first and second. It was the Diamondbacks' third walk-off win in three consecutive nights.

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Paul Goldschmidt and the NL MVP Discussion

It's that time of year when MVP candidacy starts being closely examined and the discussions heat up.

There Was Only One Out Adam

It seems Adam Eaton didn't fail to hustle on Tuesday night per se. Rather he forgot how many out there were. Either way, the incident was unacceptable.

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Around MLB

Torre Submits Replay Proposal to Executive Committee

It's up to the owners to vote now, but there is no reason to believe that comprehensive replay will not be a part of baseball in 2014.

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The MVP Discussions

A look at the best candidates in the AL and NL

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The Decline of Smallball

Joe Lemire looks at three reasons NL-style smallball is on the decline and why he thinks it probably should be.

Alfonso Soiano: He Can Still Hit

Two nights. Four home runs. Thirteen RBIs. For depressing comparison's sake, that's one less home run than Jason Kubel has on the entire season (5), and only one less than half as many RBIs (28) as well.

Highlight Reel

Hill's Walk-off

Soriano's Seven-RBI Wednesday

Denard (Covering the) Span

Dominic Brown Steals a Hit from NL Batting Leader Chris Johnson

Longoria's Bare-Handed Play

Yes, that is Ryan Roberts playing first base.