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SnakeBytes 8/13: A Wild One

Multiple lead changes and walk off heroics marked Monday night's clash with the visiting Orioles. The Diamondbacks ultimately prevailed 7-6 on Adam Eaton's walk-off home run.

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Norm Hall

Quotes of the Day

"It's great. As we've discussed before, being on the disabled list for half the season and being able to come out there and produce for your team and get a win for them, it does something mentally for me. I'm glad we got the win out of it."

- Adam Eaton on his walk-off home run.

"I'm not sure what happened -- I just blacked out. I thought I hit a heater and found out later it was a slider."

- Eaton, again, on his homer.

Diamondbacks' News

Eaton's walk-off homer gives D-backs needed win

Put this one on the short list for game of the year. After trailing through most of the front seven, and enduring uncharacteristically sloppy defense, the Diamondbacks found themselves with a 1-run lead heading into the 8th. Joe Thatcher promptly blew that lead. Undaunted, the Diamondbacks struck back in their half of the eighth, going up one run on Wil Nieves' solo home run. Then it was Brad Ziegler's turn to blow the lead in the 9th. But the Diamondbacks would again comeback, winning the game on Adam Eaton's walk off home run into the pool in right-center.

Adam Eaton’s playing time; farm report; & other stuff | Insiders

The injury to Cody Ross certainly opens the door for Adam Eaton to get more playing time? Should he have been getting more ABs all along? Nick Piecoro posits that question and more in this blog post.

D-backs receive a bit of good health news, Trevor Cahill likely to return to rotation

Trevor Cahill's performance before hitting the DL makes this bit of news more "meh" than "good" from a team performance perspective. However, it's good to see the embattled righty getting healthy nonetheless.

Around the League

GIF: Darvish's day: Near no-hitter, catcher ejected, 15 Ks and, oh yeah, a win | The Strike Zone -

For the second time this season Yu Darvish came close to no-hitting the Astros only to give up a hit in the late innings.

Spirited Cy Young battles in both leagues! - Baseball Nation

The Cy Young race in both leagues is too close to call.

Fan dies after falling from upper deck of Turner Field -

Sad situation at Turner Field.


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Jose Iglesias with a great play.