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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 25: Down on the Upside

8 PM Arizona time is when we talk D'Backs and usually other stuff

Technically the Diamondbacks had a winning week, but it felt like you wanted to jump in a "Pretty Noose", there is almost "Zero Chance" that they'll make the playoffs at this point, short of a "Blow Up The Outside World" here in this "Dusty" town or the D'Backs go back in time and sign "Ty Cobb".

(I'm stymied of creativity, and I"m listening to that album right now.)

As usual, ask questions in the comments. The tolerance for weird and off-topic questions becomes greater and greater the further away the Diamondbacks get from the Dodgers.

Also, Breaking Bad isn't on for another hour after we start this in Arizona, so why not pre-game here?