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Snake Bytes 7/31, The Devil (Rays) in the Details

The Diamondbacks were busy at the trading deadline sending struggling pitcher Ian Kennedy to the San Diego Padres. They followed up that move by pounding the Tampa Bay Rays 7-0 in an impressive performance by Wade Miley on the mound and the offense in general at the plate.

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Quick Quotes

"We scored two in the first inning, two more in the third inning, and it was huge," Miley said. "You get some support, and you just want to go out and get the offense back in the box as soon as possible."

Wade Miley

"I was pretty upset at myself for going back out and not cleaning up the seventh," Miley said. "I wasn't really tired, but I got a little mad a couple of times and tried to overthrow a couple of times."

Wade Miley

"I wasn't thinking, 'Oh it's bases loaded; I've got to go out there,'" Bell said. "It's just, I'm going out there and executing my pitches and trying to get Wade out of that jam."

Heath Bell

"Heath did a great job," Miley said. "Bases loaded, one out, he got two huge strikeouts to keep the game where it was at. One big hit and it's 5-3 or 5-4, and it's a new ballgame. He did an outstanding job of picking me up right there."

Wade Miley

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondback Offense Erupts in Support of Miley in Tampa

Despite the Tampa Bay Rays being 11-1 in their previous 12 games against left-handed starting pithers, the Diamondbacks managed to salvage a series split against the red-hot Rays. Miley kept the Rays off the board, throwing 6.1 scoreless innings before giving way to Heath Bell. Meanwhile, the Diamondback offense, sparked by Cody Ross and Eric Chavez, went on to score seven runs on 14 hits off of the vaunted Tampa Bay pitching staff.

Ian Kennedy Dealt in Deadline Deal

Padres Acquire Kennedy / Diamondbacks Acquire Thatcher

Struggling starter Ian Kennedy was sent to the San Diego Padres for left-handed specialist Joe Thatcher, AA pitching prospect Matt Stites, and San Diego's Competitive Balance Draft (Round B) pick.


A Snapshot of Joe Thatcher

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Around MLB


MLB is set to suspend 14 players this week, with names likely to be released sometime today. One potential delay in the announcement could be, you guessed it, Alex Rodriguez. It appears that Rodriguez may have changed his stance and may be ready to deal.

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Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Jayson Stark's take.

Cooperstown or Bust

With the recent HOF induction ceremony having passed almost completely unnoticed, here is a look at current MLB players by position that should be headed to Cooperstown.

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In an era of the game tainted by PEDs and prima donnas with bad attidues making the headlines, Ichiro Suzuki is a breath of fresh air who is rather quietly creeping up on some significant career milestones.

Dodger Schadenfreude

The Dodgers most lose, always and forever. Okay, so maybe they didn't get that memo - I'll get right on sending them another copy, but their quest to continue dominating the game at the torrid level they are at may have just taken a hit.

The Highlight Reel

Ronaldo Throws Out First Pitch

It takes him two tries.

Double Plays at the Plate Are Cool

They are even cooler when they happen in the bottom of the 14th inning

Who Says Miguel Cabrera Can't Play Third?

With an arm like that, he's doing just fine.

Gallardo's Nice Grab