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SnakeBytes 7/9: The Streak Ends

I've been without television or internet for the past week while on vacation. When I left, I saw a team that relied solely on the long ball heroics of Paul Goldschmidt for scoring runs and a starting pitching staff willing to hand out free runs to anyone wearing a jersey who asked politely enough. Things change though, and the D-backs rattled off a nice little string of Ws, but I'm back from vacation and already back to work jinxing the team.

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Christian Petersen

Quotes of the Day

“The last series obviously caused some chatter, but I don’t think either team can afford — I know we can’t — to lose a player. I know we won’t start anything.”

- Don Mattingly on the chatter of lingering resentment stemming from the bench-clearing brawl earlier this season.

“I usually do terrible against the Diamondbacks, so that was nice. And I pitch real bad here (at Chase Field). I’ve had some of my worst games ever at this place, so that was nice.”

- Dodgers' starter Zack Greinke on his dominant start.

Diamondbacks News

Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers stymie Arizona Diamondbacks in series opener

Those expecting fireworks for last night's match-up of two red-hot teams with a recent history of bad blood were sorely disappointed. Despite the pre-game buzz about the brawl that led to the suspension of the entire Diamondback team for 100 games (and Don Mattingly for one game), the game itself was a bit boring. Dodgers starter Zack Grienke frustrated the Diamondbacks' bats for seven innings, allowing only two hits. Randall Delgado, for his part, pitched serviceably - three runs over six innings on 11 hits - and seems to be rounding into a nice back-of-the-rotation starter.

Healing Cahill tweaks shoulder playing catch | News

Not good news for Diamondbacks fans, but Trevor Cahill - on the DL with a hip contusion - has been feeling some shoulder discomfort while playing catch. While these minor discomforts can be benign, any baseball fan knows that a little twinge of pain often predicts a visit to Dr. Andrews.

Here come the Dodgers; Gerardo Parra’s English; minor league notes; & other stuff | Insiders

"The NL West is a weird division" - the most banal statement this side of "But it's a dry heat" for Phoenicians. We know the NL West is impossible to predict and always, it seems, comes down to the final handful of games. But you know what? The NL West is a weird division. It's just true. Nick Piecoro succinctly articulates just how weird the Diamondbacks' season has been so far: The (perceived) top four starters have a combined ERA of 4.67. Montero, Prado, Kubel, and Ross have been vortices of disappointment. The bullpen is tied for the league-lead in blown saves. And yet, the Diamondbacks are in first place, 3.5 games up on a suddenly-hot Dodgers team. I won't pretend to understand this division, but I will enjoy the ride.

Goldschmidt was on Home Run Derby short list

Another Diamondbacks Home Run Derby snub, but David Wright is giving the fans what they want - more Michael Cuddyer. Looks like Paul Goldschmidt is just another innocent victim in the path of the Cuddyer hype-train.

ESPN Insider: D-backs reliever Brad Ziegler among 10 under-the-radar 'All-Stars'

Brad Ziegler all-star pitcher? Probably not going to be on Ziggy's resume anytime soon, but Buster Olney acknowledges his value to the team, tabbing him for one of his 10 under-the-radar All-Stars.

Surging Diamondbacks need to turn the other cheek | Insiders

#insight and #analysis from Dan Bickley.

Around the League

Sources: San Francisco Giants reach agreement with Jeff Francoeur - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

Jeff Francouer, fan favorite, has signed with the dark side.

The Marlins and Minimum Payrolls | FanGraphs Baseball

This is a great read, especially for all you bored lawyers out there who want to comb over the CBA.


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Incredible. Carlos Gomez robs Joey Votto of a game-winning homer in the ninth.