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Dbacks 6, Rockies 1: A (not quite) perfect 10

Suspense is overrated, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. Patrick Corbin got his long awaited tenth win on the season, and did so in commanding fashion. The offense wasn't too bad either...

Christian Petersen

Record: 47-41, On pace: 87-75, Change on 2012: +4

Corbin got what I think was his worst inning out of the way pretty quickly. In the first, he got back-to-back strike outs to start the game, but gave up half of his baseruners for the game when he gave up a single to Carlos Gonzalez and a walk to Michael Cuddyer before ending the inning.

The offense didn't look very much like the juggernaut that it had been the past two games in the first. Geraldo Parra lead the inning off with single, but Hill lined into a 6-3 double play (the first of two double plays the Dbacks would hit into on the day) and Paul "DFA" Goldschmidt struck out to end the inning.

In the second, the Colorado Rockies went down in order with two strike outs.

Things went better this time around for the home team. Eric Chavez lead things off with a double, and was moved over to third by a Cody Ross ground out to short stop. Montero K'd leaving things up to Jason Kubel. Well, not really, actually. Roy Oswalt, the starter today for the Rockies, uncorked a wild pitch which allowed Chavez to score from third without any help from Kubel. 1-0 Dbacks. While covering home plate, though, Oswalt pulled up lame and was taken from the game. Word came later he had strained his left hamstring. No word on how long he'll be out, if at all, as far as I can tell. Edgmer Escalona came in to finish Kubel's at bat and the rest of the inning. He gave up a single to Kubel, but ended the inning by getting Cliff Pennington to fly out.

In the third, the Rockies went down in order with one strike out.

I think I can safely say that the bottom of the third was the most enjoyable inning of the game. Corbin started things off with a walk, part of what would turn out to be a very nice day at the plate, and was moved to second on a Parra . Aaron Hill did his thing, and brought the two of them home on a double. 3-zip, Dbacks. Paul Goldschmidt then did his thing, and brought Hill home with a double of his own. The lead was extended to four runs.

In the fourth, the Rockies again went down in order, but this time, they managed not to strike out. Sadly, the Dbacks did the same thing in their half.

In the fifth inning, The Rockies did not go down in order. They got a two out single from Jonathan Herrera. But Corey Dickerson struck out to end the inning, so all was still right in the world.

Parra struck out to start the fifth for the Dbacks. Hill, however, got another one of those double things, and Goldschmidt got one of those walk things he loves so much. Chavez got what I believe was ruled as a single, scoring Hill and sending Goldy to third. 5-0 Dbacks. However, Chavez got caught in a rundown trying to go to second, and was tagged out. Cody Ross flew out, ending the inning, and stranding Goldschmidt at third.

The Rockies went down in order for three of the remaining four innings, with five strike outs over that period. Corbin did give up one home run in the eighth for the only run scored by the Rockies today, but that was it. Josh Collmenter came in to pitch the ninth, which saw Carlos Gonzalez leave the game with what multiple Twitter people are reporting as a strained middle finger. Corbin drove in one last run in the sixth on a double to give the Dbacks six runs And that's pretty much it. The Dbacks finished the sweep of the team that was in second place going into this series, and they have a very well rested bullpen to face the Dodgers with, starting tomorrow. I'd say this was a very successful series!

Now before I get to the FanGraph, let's just pause for a moment to admire Patrick Corbin's line for the day

8.0 IP, 10 K's, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 HR, 1-for-2 at the plate with a walk, an RBI, and a run scored.

If that's not impressive, I don't know what is.

Source: FanGraphs

Great: Patrick Corbin, 27.1%
Good: Eric Chavez, 14.3%
Not good enough: Miguel Montero: -7.3%

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I must say, I'm pleased with how this series has turned out. We're riding a five game winning streak, extended our lead in the division, and gave our tired bullpen some much needed rest. Come on back tomorrow to see us take on the Los Angeles Dodgers here at home at 6:40, Arizona Time!