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Diamondbacks 11, Rockies 1: D'Backs Break Rockies, SB Nation

Wade Miley pitched 8 strong innings and the Diamondbacks offense took care of business and then some as they took the series from the Rockies with a game to spare.

Norm Hall

NL West Standings

Arizona 46 41 .528 0 Won 4
Colorado 42 46 .477 4.5 Lost 2
Los Angeles 41 45 .476 4.5 Lost 1
San Francisco 40 46 .465 5.5 Won 1
San Diego 40 48 .454 6.5 Lost 8

(updated 7.6.2013 at 10:19 PM MST)

As the Widget above notes, the Diamondbacks are now 4.5 games ahead in the NL West. I just wanted to start off with this fact the next time you want to opine in a GDT about "WAAA WE AIN'T GONNA BE IN NO FIRST PLACE NO MORE."

Ever since landing back in Phoenix, the D'Backs have done work. During this game, it started in the bottom of the 2nd. With two outs and a chance to get out of the inning, Rockies starter Drew Pomeranz decided the best course of action was to walk Gerardo Parra and Didi Gregorius to load the bases. But that's okay, he probably thought, the pitcher, Wade Miley, was up and he could get out of it cleanly. He was wrong. Miley laced a double down the left-field line that cleared the bases and made it 3-0 Diamondbacks.

The 3rd inning would bust the game open. Pomeranz walked Aaron Hill to lead off the inning, and then National League All Star Paul Goldschmidt absolutely HAMMERED a pitch ten rows deep into left field. You'll have to believe me on this one, because has decided not to upload the highlight. In any case, it was 5-0 D'Backs. It was Goldy's 21st Home Run of the season, breaking his career high.

Wade Miley continued his resurgence with 8 innings of 1 run pitching. He struck out 5 and walked only 1. The only run came in the 7th on a cosmically meaningless solo shot by Carlos Gonzalez. That snapped a 16 inning scoreless streak for D'Backs pitching, dating all the way back to Brad Ziegler making us sweat in that marathon Mets game.

Also of note: Cody Ross went 5-5 and scored three runs. Gerardo Parra had an RBI double. Martin Prado hit a two-run shot in the 7th, and Miguel Montero had a three-run shot in the 8th to make the score what it was. Charles Brewer made his Chase Field debut and pitched a scoreless 9th to ensure the win.

(Fun fact: Since June, Prado has hit 4x as many home runs as that guy in Atlanta has in that time-frame)

Source: FanGraphs

One Man Show: Miley (Hitting), +22.5%, Miley (Pitching), +22.1%
He Still Hit A Homer: Montero, -4.5%

At the time of writing, SB Nation is wigging out, and that includes the Roll Call tool. So there were people and they posted comments and one of them was probably funny enough to be COTN. Or not. I dunno. I'm just hoping THIS posts without hassle. I might go back and edit in that if it starts working, but I'm tired.

But hopefully you do see this, and you are filled with happy thoughts about this game. Or you don't, and the robots have taken over. Bet you wish you had that Old Glory Insurance, eh?

Tomorrow, Patrick Corbin takes on Roy Oswalt, of all people, for the chance at a sweep. I sure hope they take it, don't you?