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Snake Bytes, 7/4: About Time!

Randall Delgado turned in his third quality start in four outings and the Arizona offense actually produced some run support as the Diamondbacks beat Matt Harvey and the New York Mets on Wednesday night after a nearly 2 hour rain delay to the start of the game.


Quick Quotes

"It's been a while, and it feels good."

Kirk Gibson

"Always had a good arm. This is the best I've seen him pitch. Pounded the zone with strikes. Great changeup, that's something we really haven't seen a lot of."

Terry Collins on Randall Delgado

"I'm just trying to see something out over the plate and get my foot down early," Ross said. "He's throwing 98 [mph], so you have to get your foot down early and try to see and square it up. Luckily, he threw a slider that sort of started at me and I saw it good and put a good swing on it, and luckily, it had enough distance to get out. Definitely not something I'm sitting on, I'm not up there sitting on a slider."

Cody Ross

"Our approach against him was to work him and get his pitch count up," Ross said. "That was our goal."

Cody Ross

Daily Diamondback Digest

Delgado Out-Duels Harvey, Diamondbacks End Skid

Randall Delgado threw another quality start, and the Diamondback offense, sans Goldschmidt, Parra, and Gregorious, provided enough scoring for the Diamond backs to finally get a starting pitcher a victory for the first time since June 5th. And they did it off of Matt Harvey no less.

Goldy Sits, Bloomquist Goes to DL, Campana Called Up

Paul Goldscmidt got a much-needed day off on Wednesday, and got some good-hearted teasing as the result of it coming on the day that the team faced hard-throwing, stud RHP Matt Harvey. Meanwhile Tony Camapana joined the 25-man roster - just in time to steal a base the first time he got on in the early innings.

Kennedy to Face Gee in Early Game on the Fourth

Ian Kennedy hopes to build off the momentum begun by Randall Delgado as Arizona looks to finish the four-game set in New York.

An Alternate Take on the Diamondback Starters' 24-Game Winless Streak.

As bad as the starting pitching has seemed since June5th, it's refreshing to see it hasn't been quite as bad as advertised by the doom-and-gloom set.

Kurkjian Thinks Diamondbacks Need to Make Move, Prefers Gallardo as "Best Pitcher Available"

Count ESPN's TimKurkjian in the category of people who seem to think that the Diamondbacks not only need to make a strong trade before the deadline, but would like to see them acquire Yovani Gallardo. He does go on to qualify the idea however, pointing out that Gallardo might not be a very big upgrade.

Around MLB

Scherzer First to 13-0 Since 1986

Former Diamondback Max Scherzer continues to have not only a good year, but now is starting to have a historic one.

When a Win Isn't a Win

Sometimes bone-headed plays happen that just make one want to shake their head.

Papelbon Not a Fan of Puig to ASG

It seems that Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has some strong feelings about the possibility of Yasiel Puig as an all-star. He's not alone either as Mike Scioscia weighs in as well.