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SnakeBytes 7/31: The Last Days of IPK?

As trade rumors continue to swirl, the most persistent seem to involve Ian Kennedy. Don't expect a blockbuster, but don't be surprised if there are a few new role players wearing Sedona Red come Thursday.

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J. Meric

Quotes of the Day

"It's hard to ignore. You walk into this clubhouse, the first thing that was said to me is not something you want to think about when you're going out there to pitch. ... It was good natured, but it's not something you want to hear when it's your start day."

- Ian Kennedy on trade rumors involving his name.

Diamondbacks News

D-backs' offensive woes continue vs. Rays, Hernandez

This was an ugly one. There was a literal and figurative power outage and a starting pitcher who seemed to strongly suspect he'd be pulled mid-start and given a one-way ticket to Anaheim. The Diamondbacks could only muster two runs, making Ian Kennedy's 10th try at 50 career wins a futile one.

D-backs involved in talks as Trade Deadline nears | News

Though Ian Kennedy pitched serviceably on Tuesday night, it is hard not to imagine that the trade rumors were on his mind. It's understandable that IPK might be in his head a bit too much, he just shouldn't look to Kirk Gibson for assurances. "Our best three guys are Corbin, Miley, Delgado," Gibson said after Tuesday's game. "They've been the most consistent right now. I don't think you look at taking those guys out of where they're at." Ian Kennedy continues to look like the odd man out.

On the Ian Kennedy trade rumors & farm report | Insiders

Okay, so if Kennedy is the odd man out that raises some trade philosophy issues. Do you sell your once-coveted starter for pennies on the dollar? Or do you hold on to him in hopes that he either regains his old form or has a streak of good starts sufficient to raise his trade value. In the past, KT has been willing to trade players at their lowest value (see Upton, Justin) and has even participated in lowering their value before a trade (see Bauer, Trevor). Something tells me he wouldn't balk at trading IPK for a 19th outfielder or a AAAA lefty reliever.

Rumor: Arizona Diamondbacks interested in acquiring Houston Astros right-hander Bud Norris

Ian Kennedy certainly won't be traded to the Astros, but the Diamondbacks have been linked to Bud Norris. Any speculation as to who the package is built around?

Around the League

Jake Peavy heads to Boston as Red Sox, Tigers gain key reinforcements in three-way deal with White Sox | The Strike Zone -

The Diamondbacks' top trade target Jake Peavy has changed Sox. In exchange for Peavy, the Red Sox shipped SS Jose Iglesias and others to the Tigers, who in turn shipped prospect Avisail Garcia to the White Sox.

Rash judgments on trade deadline eve! - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

A run down of all the trade deadline deals so far.


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