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Diamondbacks 2, Rays 5

The power outage that the Diamondbacks offense is experiencing turned literal when a lightning strike turned out some of the lights at Tropicana Field.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Kennedy lasted just five innings against the Tampa Bay Rays. He gave up two runs on three hits in the first inning, including a double by Diamondbacks killer James Loney. Yunel Escobar hit a solo home run in the fourth inning. Kennedy actually struck out the side in the fifth inning, bringing his total for the night to seven strikeouts, but also in the inning was a leadoff double, a two-out walk, and a wild pitch. No, it was definitely not Kennedy's finest outing, but it seems to be about par - early runs, a lot of pitches, almost a quality start, and lots of two-out hits and runs.

Meanwhile, Roberto Hernandez, aka Fausto Carmona, held the Diamondbacks to just three hits in the first eight innings. He hit Gerardo Parra to lead off the game, and that was followed by an Aaron Hill single, but Hill was erased on a double play and Parra was stranded. Hill led off the fourth inning with a single and Cliff Pennington similarly led off the sixth, but neither runner could cross the plate.

Hernandez was under 100 pitches working on a complete game shutout in the ninth inning. Arizona finally scored when Parra led off with a single and, on Hernandez's 100th pitch of the night, Eric Chavez hit a high home run off the right field foul pole. That ended a scoreless innings streak of 20 for the Diamondbacks and prevented them from being shut out in back-to-back games for the first time this season.