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SnakeBytes 7/30: Rumors & Innuendo

As sure as the sun rises in the east, rumor mongering runs rampant on the eve of the trade deadline. Everything is in its place. We sift through the trade rumor non-news, a Mark Grace update, and the Diamondbacks' DH logjam.

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Quotes of the Day

“Makeup-wise, chemistry-wise, I feel very strongly about the guys we’ve got in our clubhouse. Probably this year more so than some of my prior years, I don’t know how much I really want to mess with that. I think over the long run these guys will persevere and end up hopefully on top of this division.”

- Kevin Towers on his thinking heading toward the trade deadline.

Diamondbacks News

D-backs open odd trip with two-game set in Tampa

The Diamondbacks head to Tampa for two games then board a jet to Texas for a make-up game with the Rangers. Considering the travel and the quality of the two teams, this three game stretch looks to be a tough one.

Arizona Diamondbacks weigh whether to deal or not deal

Kevin Towers has repeatedly maintained that he will not make a deal for the sake of making a deal. From a man who has been historically unable to conceal his desire to trade players, we should probably believe him when he says he's happy with the team makeup as it stands. “Other than being kind of very righthanded in the bullpen, I think we’ve got some youth, we’ve got some veterans,” Explains Towers. “We’ve got some guys that have been there before. I still haven’t given up on the 25 guys we’ve got right here. It’s a good group.”

D-backs look to deal before Wednesday's Deadline

Here's another article saying that the Diamondbacks are unlikely to make a big trade at the deadline, but with an attention-grabbing headline!

Diamondbacks Shopping Kubel, Kennedy

Just giving the people what they want...

Arizona Diamondbacks have plenty of options to plug in at DH

I bet you guys were critical when Kevin Towers signed like six designated hitters during the off season. Who's laughing now?

Grace getting a second chance in baseball

The once-mighty ballplayer's fall from grace and subsequent redemption in the minor leagues is the stuff cliche baseball movies are made of, but it's nice to see Mark Grace embracing his new role as a rookie ball hitting instructor.

Around the League

The Dicey World of Trading Prospects

Royals fans on the wisdom(?) of trading prospects. They would certainly know.

MLB Trade Deadline: Astros deal Jose Veras

Jeff Lunhow and the 'Stros continue to make canny moves.


Things Are Getting Salty Between The Rays And Red Sox

The Red Sox with the sick burn!