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Snake Bytes, 7/3: Perfect No More

Patrick Corbin's bid to become the first Diamondback starter to 10-0 came to an end in New York last night amid weather that mirrored the feelings of many Diamondback fans. Once again, the starter received little to no run support, and it cost him in a rain delayed seventh in which Brad Ziegler just had no Zieggle left.

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Quick Quotes

"We're not really clicking on anything right now."

Patrick Corbin

"I tried to get them to hit ground balls and sometimes they're not at guys," Ziegler said. "If those balls are a little bit to one side or the other, the whole inning might be different and it might still be a 2-1 game."

Brad Ziegler

"One of the easiest things to do is to try to simplify things, not try to over-complicate things. Just kind of go back to the basics and stay within ourselves and do the things we need to do. We're a good enough team when we don't try too hard. We just have to go out and be ourselves. But when we're trying a little too hard and pressing a little bit, everybody gets tight and it all just kind of snowballs at that point."

Brad Ziegler

Daily Diamondback Digest

Corbin's Bid to go 10-0 Comes to Bitter, Rain-Soaked End

Patrick Corbin was stellar through six innings once again. However, the Diamondback offense once again provided almost no support, and it cost the starting pitcher when he ran into trouble, and a 1 hour and 41 minute rain delay in the seventh. After the rains let up, Brad Ziegler came in, but was unable to perform his almost expected magic act of getting the team out of trouble. By the end of the frame, the Mets scored seven runs, more than enough to put away the struggling team from Arizona which has now lost five in a row.

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Around MLB

Homer Bailey Tells Giants, "No-No"

Congratulations to Homer Bailey, who joined a very elite group of pitchers after throwing his second career no-no last night against the also-struggling San Francisco Giants.

Kershaw Wants Some Too

Mostly lost in all the hoopla in support of Homer Bailey is the fact that Clayton Kershaw was almost as dominant. He may have allowed four hits to the offensive juggernaut that is Colorado, but he did manage to also strike out eight of them in route to his seventh career shutout, and second of this season.

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