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Diamondbacks 3, Giants 4

Thearon W. Henderson

The Diamondbacks left a lot of dudes on bases tonight. Like, a lot. Like bases loaded twice and two men on a few times. Well let me tell you kids, leaving men on base is NOT COOL.

You might think that just because your friends are leaving men on base that it's okay that you do too, and maybe you heard that your parents did it in the 60s, but that's no excuse my friend.

You might think you're Paul Goldschmidt, after leaving the bases loaded last night, you do it again tonight in the 5th inning. Or you're Adam Eaton, and you do it in the 6th.

Buster, soon you'll be sleeping under bus stations and begging on the streets for a hit of drug cigarettes if you keep doing that.

Also a menace: Pitchers allowing early runs. Pitchers allowing late runs. Pitchers allowing any runs. Wade Miley allowed an RBI double to Pablo Sandoval and walked in a run. He was pulled early for Josh Collmenter, who gave up a two run homer to Buster Posey.

Sure you almost come back with a late run in the 9th, but that's never enough, kids. You just strike out in a bad righty on righty matchup to end the game.

Full recap coming.. IF YOU HAVEN'T DIED YET.