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SnakeBytes 7/16: Starry Night

Diamondbacks' All-Star selections Pat Corbin and Paul Goldschmidt look to match the performances of their younger peers at the Futures Game.

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Jonathan Daniel

Quotes of the Day

“I’m trying to soak it in. That’s the advice everyone has given me. Who knows if I’ll get to do it again?”

- Paul Goldschmidt on his all-star selection.

Diamondbacks News

Harvey, Scherzer to start All-Star game - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

Matt Harvey and former Diamondback Max Scherzer are slated to start tonight's All-Star game. You can watch it on Fox.

Max Scherzer trade not a complete loss - One is the Loneliest Number

Speaking of Max Scherzer, a Diamondbacks blogger looks back on the trade that sent the young prospect to the Tigers.

Yasiel who? Yoenis Cespedes triumphs in competitive Home Run Derby | The Strike Zone -

In case you missed it (be honest, you probably did), Yoenis Cespedes - last year's Cuban phenom - won the Home Run Derby.

Former peers, coaches saw Goldschmidt's stardom coming

The most worthwhile Paul-Goldschmidt-as-humble-superstar piece I've seen thus far.

Arizona Diamondbacks Pat Corbin, Paul Goldschmidt in New York to ‘soak it in’ as 1st-time All-Stars

It would not be hyperbolic to declare Pat Corbin and Paul Goldschmidt the saviors of the Diamondbacks' season thus far. No matter your thoughts on the value of the all-star game, the two players absolutely deserve the recognition. For his part, Patrick Corbin is just trying to bask in the moment. “I’m not taking this for granted,” explained Corbin. “I’m just looking forward to the next couple of days. I’m excited we’re both here.” Paul Goldschmidt, on the other hand, has his eyes set on a bigger prize. “We want to make the playoffs as a team and after that try to win a World Series,” Goldschmidt said. “I’ll enjoy it, but it’s not like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I made it."

Tyler Skaggs, Madison Bumgarner and dips in velocity; farm report; & other stuff | Insiders

Tyler Skaggs' fastball has been sluggish this year, averaging 89.4 - a marked decline from scouting reports that had Skaggs sitting 92-93 and touching 94-96. Though the decline seems alarming, Farm Director Mike Bell is not terribly worried, telling Nick Piecoro, "I think there are plenty of guys who have a lot of success pitching in the range that he’s pitching in now. I don’t get too concerned about it.”

Around the League

Loving the National League's young talent - Baseball Nation

Is the balance of power shifting back towards the senior circuit? The NL's All-Star roster may reveal the start of a youth movement.


Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting: The Spectator Attention Test

Nats fans may have a penchant for reading at games, but it seems the fans at Chase Field are equally distracted.