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SnakeLines Bonus: Home-run Derby

As a bonus round, we're offering points to whoever correctly calls the winner of today's Home-Run Derby at Citi Field, which will get under way a little after 5pm Arizona time!

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY

The number of points you win for a correct selection will depend on the player you pick - the favorites will get you one point, the outsiders are worth more if they come through, up to a maximum of three points, so there's a chance really to make a move in the standings. Here are the participants and their values:

  • 1 point
    Chris Davis (BAL)
    Prince Fielder (DET)
  • 2 points
    Yoenis Cespedes (OAK)
    Bryce Harper (WSH)
    Pedro Alvarez (PIT)
  • 3 points
    Robinson Cano (NYY)
    David Wright (NYM)
    Michael Cuddyer (COL)

Make your selection by the first pitch in the contest, by posting in the comments. I'll include the winners in the weekly update, which will likely be out on Thursday. That will also include the points awarded for the shortened slate of games this week, which ended with the Diamondbacks run differential failing to hit the line, coming in below expectations, with a final score of -2.