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Snake Bytes, 7/14: One More to Go

For only the second time in his short major league career, Didi Gregorious had family in-house to watch him play. Gregorious responded by having a big night, helping the Diamondbacks to weather a strong early outing by Milwaukee starter Kyle Lohse. The Diamondbacks won game three of the series 5-4, remaining undefeated against the Brewers on the season.

Christian Petersen

Quick Quotes

"It's a dream come true," Gregorius said. "For me, it's amazing to see them, and for them to get to see me play in the Majors, it's just awesome."

"They're definitely coming to tomorrow's game," Gregorius said, laughing. "That's for sure."

Didi Gregorious on playing in front of family

"Delgado pitched well, we didn't play very good behind him," Gibson said. "Hill probably should've had that play on the first run and the ball that got to the backstop. That's not us, that's not what you do."

Kirk Gibson on Randall Delgado's outing

"I feel good with what I'm doing, I'm just upset about the home run," he said. "It's all right though. I did what I wanted to, kept the game close and gave our team a chance to win."

Randall Delgado

Daily Diamondback Digest

Didi, Delgado Lead Diamondbacks over Brewers

It was a special night for Didi Gregorious. Gregorious hit a solo home run to disrupt what had been a stellar performance by Milwaukee starter Kyle Lohse. He ended the night going 2/3, scoring a run, driving in two, and turning in more stellar defense, especially late in the game. Randall Delgado allowed four runs, only three of them earned, over six innings of work, continuing his streak of solid performances since being added to the rotation. The Diamondback offense pounded out three solo home runs in the game and played successful small ball in the late innings to overcome the early dominance of Lohse, taking game three 5-4, and remaining perfect against the team from Wisconsin.

Delgado Heading to the Bullpen? / Harris Looking Good / Parra Getting Rest

Should Randall Delgado keep performing as well as he has so far, he could be may lose his place in the rotation when McCarthy and Cahill return at the end of July, but he wouldn't be heading back to Reno. Kirk Gibson makes it clear, if a pitcher is performing, they'll be sticking around, the logistics can be worked out later.

Diamondbacks First MLB Team to Broadcast in Navajo

Friday night's game against the Milwaukee Brewers was broadcast on KTNN-AM 660 out of Window Rock. Usually that wouldn't be news, except this broadcast was the first ever broadcast of a major league game to be done in Navajo.

Around MLB

Tim Lincecum Tosses No-No

In all honesty, if someone had asked me before Friday night if I thought that Tim Lincecum had ever thrown a no-no, I probably would have said, "Of course." With all that dominating success the former ace of the San Francisco Giants has had in his career, it was a bit surprising to learn he hadn't thrown one. All that changed on Friday though. He may no longer be as dominant as he once was, and his hair may be trimmed short now, but Lincecum still lived up to his nickname, "The Freak," by throwing a freakishly large number of pitches (148) en route to no-hitting the Padres in their own ballpark. Not only was it the first no-no for Lincecum, but it was also the first no-hitter twirled in notoriously pitcher-friendly Petco Park. The 148 pitches needed by Lincecum to complete the feat was second only to Edwin Jackson who needed 149 when he pitched a no-no for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Tampa Bay Rays, an outing in which he struck out six and walked eight. Though Lincecum had nearly an equal pitch count, he managed to be far more in control, walking only four while striking out thirteen, including at least one in eight straight innings.

"He's a guy, we've used him in the pen. He's logged pitches throughout his career at times, in college and in our games. There are times when you throw that out the window. You want to see if he's laboring. He wasn't."

Bruce Bochy on allowing Lincecum to go out and finish what he started despite his pitch count

Post- All-Star Game Strength of Schedule

Of contending teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks ranked 13th out of 19 in strength of schedule for games after the break. More importantly, that gives them the easiest schedule of contending teams in the NL West.

90% of Baseball is "Doing Nothing"

It turns out that Yogi Berra was wrong; 90% of baseball isn't mental, it's nothing. When I try to explain to casual sports fans or non-sports fans what it is I love about baseball, I almost always get the same eventual response; that baseball is just too boring because nothing ever seems to be happening. While I disagree, a study by the Wall Street Journal indicates they might be closer to the truth than baseball fans might think. Of course, using it as an excuse to not watch baseball doesn't hold water if they still watch football, which apparently totals even less actual "action time".

The 50 "Greatest"

Love them or hate them the New York Yankees have long been identified as one of the greatest sports franchises in American history. Here's a brief gallery that takes a very quick look at the top 50 players from the franchise. The rankings of some of the names may seem off to some, especially those that are younger fans of the game, but there's no mistaking it; the Yankees could almost have their own wing in Cooperstown. As of today, one of the core four of the most recent dynasty ranks as a top-five entry, with a second on his heels.

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