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Diamondbacks 5, Brewers 4

The D'Backs came from behind to take another game away from the Brewers. They still have yet to lose a game against Milwaukee in 2013.


Never say die, eh?

The Diamondbacks fell behind 4-1 thanks to seeing eye singles, a homer, and a passed ball. It looked vaguely hopeless, but Jason Kubel hit a solo shot with one out in the 7th to make it 4-2 a single and a walk chased Brewers starter Kyle Lohse, who at one point had a perfect game through 4.2 that was broken up by a Miguel Montero solo shot.

In came John Axford, hot trade candidate. He proceeded to walk Martin Prado on four pitches, and got into a three-ball count against Didi Gregorius, who also had a solo shot in the game, and Didi placed one well on the right side of the infield to tie the game up. Axford then walked pinch hitter Eric Chavez to give the D'Backs the 5-4 margin they ended up with at the end.

The bullpen was drama free, for once, and Brad Ziegler got his second save of the series. The D'Backs will go for the series and season sweep against the Brewers tomorrow. Full recap to come.