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Snake Bytes, 7/13: High Stress Win

Patrick Corbin turned in a "gritty" performance while the Diamondback offense eeked out only two unearned runs on four hits, but stellar defense and only the second clean ninth inning save of the season (turned in by David Hernandez no less) put another tally in the win column as the Diamondbacks remained perfect against Milwaukee this season.

Christian Petersen

Quick Quotes

"It's been frustrating for all of us," Hernandez said of the bullpen's struggles. "As bad as it's gone, we're in first place, so I feel like it really can't get any worse. Hopefully tonight was a start, and last night."

David Hernandez

"We don't do a good job with people on base," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. "To have that many opportunities and not to have somebody come through, it's just ... it shouldn't go on this long."

Ron Roenicke

"I'm just glad I got a decent jump and a good enough of one to where I could lay out and get a glove on the ball," Pollock said. "That's the hardest part about the outfield, is having the confidence to know that you made the right decision to dive. In the outfield you've got to weigh the risk and rewards and see if it's the right opportunity. Tonight, obviously, you're selling out for that."

A.J. Pollock

"He has no regard for his body," Hernandez said. "He's willing to go into a wall, dive, slide, jump over somebody. It makes us want to be like him and I think other guys feed off that."

David Hernandez on A.J. Pollock

"It was one of those games where it could have gone either way," Pollock said. "And the good teams find a way to win those games, and we did enough to win the game."

A.J. Pollock

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks Continue Ownership of Brewers

Despite scoring only two unearned runs in Friday's game against Milwaukee, the Diamondbacks were still able to put another tally in the win column. Behind Patrck Corbin and some stellar defense, the Diamondbacks managed to get the Milwaukee Brewers to go 1-12 with RISP while David Hernandez (yes, really, David Hernandez) came in to throw only the second clean ninth-inning save of the season for Arizona.

Gibson Wants Defined Roles, Cahill Improving, and Batting Practice

Though the Diamondbacks look to be going into the break using the closer by committee approach, Kirk Gibson has made it known he would prefer to move forward with defined roles in the near future.

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Ian Kennedy Garners Mid-Season Award from ESPN's Jason Stark

Unfortunately for Kennedy, the award was the Cy Yuk. There seems to be a disconnect in the reasoning for Kennedy instead of one of the nuclear meltdowns in San Francisco.

Brad Ziegler for Closer?

This is the question posed by Vince Marotta

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Miguel Montero Makes Anti-All-Star List

Miguel Montero joins a pretty recognizable group of names on a rather unenviable list.

Diamondback All-Stars

As we continue to head into the break, here is a gallery of all the Diamondback All-Stars through the years.

Around MLB

Matt Thornton Traded to Boston

In a year when the Diamondbacks are likely to be combing the market for a quality left-handed pitcher, one of the better options has just been traded by the strong trade-partner candidate Chicago White Sox to Boston.

Jason Stark's Mid-Season Awards

In addition to making Ian Kennedy his NL Cy Yuk, Jason Stark gives his apologies to Didi Gregorious for dropping him out of the NL ROY running.

Houston's Jarrod Cosart Makes MLB Debut Has Showdown to Remember

Houston debuted one of their pitching prospects Friday night against the surging Tampa Bay Rays. His line on the night was a stellar 8 innings pitched, 2 hits allowed, no earned runs, three walks, and two strike outs. That alone should make him giddy. So it leaves one to wonder what it was like to do it against reigning AL Cy Young Award winner David Price whose hard-luck line at the end of the night was 9 innings pitched, 8 hits, 2 earned runs, no walks (in fact only 17 of 87 pitches were called balls), and three strikeout - in a loss.

The Highlight Gallery

Bombs Away

Another Yankee Robbed

Superman A.J. Pollock Saves the Game