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SnakeBytes 7/10: Getting Chippy

Tempers run high as the Diamondbacks fall to the Dodgers for the second night in a row.

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Christian Petersen

Quotes of the Day

"He plays with a lot of arrogance. He's young. He's a pretty good player. I don't know if he was trying to run over 'Miggy' or what."

- Ian Kennedy on Yasiel Puig's home plate collision with Miguel Montero.

"He came in hard. He's playing the game hard. He's just trying to score. I'm trying to block the plate as well. You don't need to look at me if you get out. That's it. I'm not starting anything. He's looking at me, like, I don't know … He was out. That's all I care. The damage was already done. I think it's just the way the kid plays. Other guys are taking it the wrong way, maybe. Maybe not. It seems like sometimes he might get in trouble, not with the D-backs, but with somebody else. He plays the game hard."

- Miguel Montero on the collision with Puig.

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks fall again to the surging Los Angeles Dodgers

Another ugly one from the Snakes, this time falling 6-1 to the incandescent Dodgers of Los Angeles. Ian Kennedy made his first start against the Dodgers since he unintentionally/intentionally went on a plunking spree, thus causing the notorious bench-clearing brawl. It appeared as though Kennedy intended to pick up right where he left off against the Dodgers, hitting Hanley Ramirez in the first inning and narrowly missing Yasiel Puig later in the game. Tempers escalated when Yasiel Puig made an ill-advised attempt to come home on an Adam Eaton error. Miguel Montero made his presence known to the young phenom, answering Puig's stare-down with a finger wagged in admonition.

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Ultimately, Kennedy was disappointing, going only 5 2/3 innings while allowing five runs. The Diamondbacks' offense - even with the addition of would-be sparkplug Adam Eaton - looked narcoleptic, never much of a threat to the Dodger's lead.

Predicting success for pitchers isn’t any easier if they’re All-Stars or if they’re prospects

Diamondbacks fans are all too familiar with the principle of TINSTAAPP, so I won't bore you with the catalog of current and former can't-miss-aces who fizzled out and hey-where'd-he-come-from stars, but there is a quote from an American League exec worth highlighting. When asked whether front office approaches toward acquiring and developing pitching talent has changed, the exec said, "there’s a sense now more so than 10 years ago that if someone is performing in the minor leagues you want to sort of reap the benefits of that at the major-league level and you push them to get there. You don’t want to sort of waste bullets in the minor leagues."

Yasiel Puig needs a lesson in history and good manners | Insiders

Commence pearl clutching - Yasiel Puig may have given Gonzo the cold shoulder during BP Monday. Don't worry though, Dan Bickley is on the manners and etiquette beat now.

Around the League

Report: MLB expected to suspend Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun among others after All-Star break | SI Wire

Suspensions for those implicated in the Biogenesis scandal may soon be meted out. Braun and A-Rod are the two biggest names of the possibly 20 players who may ultimately be suspended.

The Free-Swinging Adam Jones | The Rotation

Adam Jones walks at a 2.3% clip, yet is slashing 291/.314/.477. Shades of Vladimir Guerrero.


The New York Mets Rank First In The Majors At Videobombing

The Mets have finally figured out that it's best when people laugh with you.

MLB Teams and Slogans - AZ Snake Pit

Marc Fournier posted a really funny fanpost the other day. You should read it if you haven't already.