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Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 1

The much-anticipated matchup of Ian Kennedy vs the Los Angeles Dodgers did not go Arizona's way...


Ian Kennedy did not have his great stuff tonight. There were times it seemed he didn't even have his good stuff. The Dodgers started the scoring in the 2nd inning with back-to-back leadoff singles, and although a double play made it seem like Kennedy would escape unscathed, the pitcher Ricky Nolasco singled and A.J. Ellis scored the first Los Angeles run. Andre Ethier singled to lead off the 4th inning, then he stole second and advanced to third on Miguel Montero's throwing error, and scored on a groundout to make it 2-0.

The pitcher getting a hit has been a common theme this series, and it continued in the 5th inning, when Nolasco doubled to the right-center wall to, again, lead off the inning. Kennedy loaded the bases with nobody out, Adrian Gonzalez drove in two, and the Dodgers were up 4-0. Kennedy loaded the bases in front of Gonzalez again in the 6th inning, and this time Gonzalez singled off of Tony Sipp to put the Dodgers up 6-0.

The Diamondbacks were not doing anything off of Ricky Nolasco in his first start as a Dodger. They had two hits and one reach-on-error until the 7th inning. That's when Aaron Hill doubled and scored on a two-out single by Martin Prado to put the Diamondbacks on the board.

Both teams' bullpens, outside of Sipp's hit that scored Kennedy's runners, were fine this evening. The Diamondbacks dropped the second game of this series to the Dodgers by a final score of 6-1.