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Snake Bytes, 6/8: Giant Slayer Edition

Patrick Corbin continued his dominant ways and Paul Goldschmidt provided a 3-run go-ahead home run late to lift the Diamondbacks over the division rival San Francisco Giants.

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Jennifer Stewart

Quick Quotes

"Affeldt is as tough on righties as he is on lefties," Goldschmidt said. "He's not a left-handed specialist. He comes in there and pitches a whole inning. I had a feeling they were going to come at me. I just wanted to get a good pitch to hit, whatever it was, and be ready to hit it. It ended up being a fastball."

Paul Goldschmidt on facing Jeremy Affeldt in the 8th inning

"It was a dumb pitch, dumb location, dumb selection," said Affeldt, who took the loss and is now 1-2. "Stupid. I didn't want to throw it there. I take full responsibility. The loss is on me."

Jeremy Affeldt on making the mistake to Goldschmidt

"I'm mean, I make my decisions and he makes his decisions," Gibson said. "He's won two world championships. I don't think I'm going to tell 'Boch' what he's doing right or wrong. I think he's been pretty damn good and a guy I look up to and respect. He's a guy I learned a lot from and I'm privileged to be able to talk to him about a lot of things. Just observe. He knows what he's doing."

Kirk Gibson on Bruce Bochy's decision to allow a left-hander to face Goldschmidt

Daily Diamondback Digest

Paul the Giant Slayer

Patrick Corbin had another fantastic outing as he faced off against San Francisco ace Matt Cain. It looked like Cain was on the verge of coming away with a 1-0 win, handing Corbin his first loss of the season, when Paul Goldschmidt launched a 2-0 pitch to the opposite field bleachers for a 3-run home run. The win allowed Corbin to escape with a tough luck no decision and kept the Diamondbacks undefeated in Corbin's starts.

Affeldt Surrenders "Dumb" Pitch

One has to wonder just how much more of Paul Goldschmidt the Giants can take. The game-winning home run by Paul Goldschmidt was hit off of talented lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt, whose mistake on a 2-0 count cost the game.

Hudson's Injury a "Kick to the Stomach"

Kirk Gibson fielded some questions about the news that Daniel Hudson re-tore his UCL during a rehab start.

Diamondbacks Draft Day #2

The Diamondbacks added a mix of athleticism and raw power on the second day of the Rule 4 First-Year Player Draft.

Around MLB

Yasiel Puig: Apparently He Can Hit

There may still be legitimate questions about the young player's maturity, but Yasiel Puig is wasting no time in proving his bat is ready to play at the highest level. Through only 19 ABs and 20 PAs, the young outfielder from Cuba has 4 home runs (including a grand slam) and 10 RBIs.

Up Next: The Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

No sooner have teams started adding players through the draft than some teams are already being looked at for what players they might part with via trades in a few short weeks.

Remember Me?

It's not a crime if most people don't remember Jeremy Bonderman as a workhorse part of the Detroit Tigers rotation. It was a long time ago. However, the 30-year-old finally completed his journey back to the big leagues and to winning form, at least for one game, holding the New York Yankees to one run over six innings. That game alone may very well have made every struggle worth it.