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Diamondbacks 3, Giants 1: Corbin & Goldschmidt Lead the Way to Victory

The Diamondbacks have relied on Goldschmidt and Corbin so far to stay in first in the NL West, and it was these two that delivered again to get a victory over the division foe from San Francisco.

Jennifer Stewart

Record: 35-26. Pace: 93-69. Change over last year: +5.

In lieu of a blow-by-blow recap, it's necessary for us to focus on two of the players that not only one this game for the Diamondbacks, but also have been the driving force for the team's continued spot atop the NL West.

The first portion, and majority of the game, was Patrick Corbin's story to tell. He came into the game 9-0, and the Diamondbacks have been 11-0 in the games he's pitched. Yes, wins don't mean much, but it's still a cool historical point, all things considered. If Corbin had won tonight, he would have been the first Diamondback to start a season 10-0.

And he pitched like he should have won. His line was 7 1/3 innings pitched, 7 hits and 1 run allowed, with 4 strikeouts and 0 walks. It wasn't a completely dominate performance, but Corbin shows no sign of slowing down. Just an example of his performance, if we dig a little bit into the numbers: of the 29 batters he faced, he threw a first pitch strike to 26 of them. The only extra base hits he gave up were two doubles.

Yet it really seemed like once the Giants scored their singular run (Gregor Blanco knocked in Pablo Sandoval, who had just advanced to third under the threat of Parra's arm, and lived to tell his tale) that the Diamondbacks would not come away with a win. I can't speak for everyone, or really anyone but myself, but it felt like Arizona was going to lose. Yes, even after getting two runners on in the 8th.

Luckily for us, and in spite of my lack of faith, Paul Goldschmidt was there to lift us up.

He didn't have a great offensive game before the bottom of the 8th. The Diamondbacks looked like they would get to Matt Cain early, getting two runners on for Goldschmidt with no outs. Paul smacked two long foul balls, one next to each foul pole, but ended up grounding into a double play. He then grounded into another double play in the third, this time to end the inning.

Goldschmidt seemingly isn't affected long by slumps this season, though. He took two balls from Jeremy Affeldt, showing that great batters eye, and then launched the third pitch into the Ride Now Power area in right field. 3 run homer, Diamondbacks with the lead.

Perhaps most baffling about this at-bat wasn't that Goldschmidt came through, because, well, it's Goldschmidt. He is greatness in a Diamondbacks uniform. Instead, the weirdness involved walks, one that was issued and one that wasn't. First, Affeldt walked Willie Bloomquist of all people to bring Goldschmidt up. Maybe that can't be helped, but then the second weird thing was that the Giants chose not to walk Goldy to get to the still slumping Miguel Montero. Perhaps, as funnier people than I have pointed out on Twitter, Bruce Bochy relies on Keith Law as his advance scout, and since Law hasn't talked about Goldschmidt in awhile, he hadn't got the message that our first baseman can mash lefties.

It's good that they pitched to Goldschmidt, though, as Montero immediately flied out to center to end the inning.

As noted in the quick recap, this continued two Diamondbacks streaks: the first being Corbin's no-loss streak for the season, and the second being the Diamondbacks no-shutout streakout. Neither particularly matters in the larger scheme of things, but I like that both are still going, and you should, too.

Source: FanGraphs

Whataburger: Paul Goldschmidt (44.7%)

In n Out: Patrick Corbin (21.7%)

Rally's Hamburgers: Martin Prado (-12.1%)

Burger King: Gerardo Parra (-5.8%), Cody Ross (-4.8%)

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Comment of the Day goes to blank38 for this gem:

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Your constant harassment of the female gender makes me sick.

Tomorrow we face the Giants again, with first pitch at 5:10pm 7:10pm Arizona Time, which is stupid. It's Aaron Hill bobblehead night, so if you're going to the game, expect it to be nuts. Trevor Cahill takes on Madison Bumgarner in a no-holds-barred cage match, so be here for that.