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Diamondbacks 3, Giants 1

This game had the feeling of inevitability. The feeling that two streaks would come to end, intertwined as they were: Patrick Corbin's no-loss streak, and the Diamondbacks no-shutout streak. In fact, all the way through the bottom of the 8th, with two outs in the books, it really looked like the Diamondbacks would lose 1-0, that one run being tacked onto Corbin's record without any sense of justice.

But then, with two on base, Paul Goldschmidt happened. Goldschmidt, that wonderful, amazing player, hit a 3 run homer to left field, inflating the Diamondbacks score and his legend at the same time.

Matt Cain, the Giants starter, certainly looked better than he had recently, but this game was about Corbin and Goldschmidt. These are the guys you want to build a franchise around. These are the foundations you want to use to avoid the slipping sands underneath. Thank the stars for Corbin and Goldschmidt. They are America.

And the streaks continue.