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Diamondbacks 8, Cardinals 12

It's not every day you earn your fans tacos and lose, but...

Dilip Vishwanat

Ian Kennedy had the worst outing of his career tonight in St. Louis. Given an early 2-0 lead, the Cardinals quickly tied it up on a two-run home run from Matt Holliday. The game stayed at 2-2 until the 4th inning, when the wheels completely fell off of Kennedy's wagon. To spare you the details (which you can read in the forthcoming longer recap), Kennedy thew 50 pitches in the inning, faced 11 batters, allowed eight runs, six hits, two walks and three homers. That's a bad line for a night for a pitcher, let alone an inning, but thus it was for Ian Kennedy. The Diamondbacks went from tied 2-2 to down 10-2 faster than you can say "lickity split." Matt Reynolds came in and gave up two solo home runs in the 5th inning, which miraculously capped the Cardinals' scoring at 12 runs.

The D’backs put their B-squad into the game after that and actually managed to add on three more runs in the 7th inning, making it 12-5. With one out in the 9th, Cardinals reliever Keith Butler allowed two hits and three straight walks to walk in two runs, making it 12-7 and putting the tying run on deck. Willie Bloomquist gave the ball a ride that ended up being a long sac fly and making the score 12-8, but Josh Wilson struck out to end the game.