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SnakeBytes 6/5: Gum Gate

Paul Goldschmidt solidifies his folk hero status; Skaggs-stache part deux; an Ump Show; and a very nasty habit.

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Dilip Vishwanat

Quotes of the Day

“A lot of stuff didn’t go our way, and we kept fighting through it. And we kept looking for that hit, and Goldy has been doing it all year for us. He did a great job.”

- A.J. Pollock

“It felt near the end of the year last year and really this year just try to almost pretend like nobody’s on base and go with the same approach and it’s worked. But there’s always adjustments, so we’ll see what happens the rest of the year.”

- Paul Goldschmidt on his approach with runners on base

"I can’t blame nobody. This is a game. I feel like everybody’s human and that’s going to happen. Things are going to happen. But it could have changed the result of the game. But I’m glad that we got the run. I think both teams played a pretty good game and in the end Goldy came up big and that was huge for the team.”

- Martin Prado on third-base umpire Jordan Baker's blown call.

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks outlast St. Louis Cardinals in 14 innings

This game never should have been tied. Tyler Skaggs couldn't quite harness the power of Skaggstache and scuffled for 5 2/3 innings. Nevertheless, Skaggs could have (and would have) pitched his way out of the sixth inning with a two-run lead if not for a blown call by third-base ump Jordan Baker. With two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, Carlos Beltran attempted to steal third. Montero's throw appeared to be on the money and Martin Prado applied the tag to Beltran's foot well before it reached the bag. Third-base umpire Jordan Baker saw things differently. One Allen Trammel ejection and a Yadier Molina single later, Beltran would score, narrowing the Diamondbacks' lead to one run. The Cardinals would go on to tie the game in the 7th. The stalemate was finally broken in the top of the 14th by Paul Goldschmidt who drove in the go-ahead run.

Daniel Hudson has a setback; Paul Goldschmidt is still clutch; farm report; & other stuff | Insiders

Terrible news for Daniel Hudson who was steadily working his way back from Tommy John surgery. The right-hander, who has been on a rehab assignment with the Double-A affiliate in Mobile, experienced stiffness in his elbow after his last start and will return to Phoenix to visit with team doctors. Expect more on this story once examinations have taken place.

Arizona Diamondbacks' Aaron Hill ready to face pitchers

In non-depressing injury news, Aaron Hill is closer to coming back as he progresses from hitting off a tee to facing live pitchers.

Not even Jerry Dipoto could have expected Patrick Corbin's 2013.

Patrick Corbin is finally getting some national love (after his two worst starts of the season, go figure). The article will be old hat for Diamondbacks fans, but it might be worth a read.

Unified Sports: Partners On The Field And Off - Hartford Courant

Jeez. If you needed any additional reason to root for A.J. Pollock, go read this story about Pollock's friendship with a disabled high school student. I sincerely hope that Pollock is not the odd man out when Adam Eaton returns, and with the way he's playing, I don't see how he could be.

Around the League

Report: MLB will try to suspend Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, others connected to doping scandal

This story figures to dominate national headlines for the foreseeable future. Wake me up when it's over.

Marginalia: Bad Umpires Edition

Gum Throwing Umpire, Jordan Baker, Has No Respect for Baseball | LobShots

Jordan Baker, the third-base umpire from last night's game, has a very nasty habit. In between innings, the discourteous young ump spits his gum out right on the grass in shallow left field. There are some blurry, incriminating photographs in this link showing you the gory aftermath left in Baker's wake.

Jordan Baker Strikes Again… | LobShots

More of the same. I'm not a fan.

Tony Randazzo Ejected Mike Aviles From A Game That Was Already Over

Here we have an ump ejecting a player after the game has already ended for arguing a call that the ump clearly blew. I, for one, welcome our new robot umpire overlords.