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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 9

If last week saw a lot of close games, this one had the blowouts, including the first shut-out of the 2013 campaign.

Domonic Brown had a "rather good week", shall we say...
Domonic Brown had a "rather good week", shall we say...
Brian Garfinkel

Week 9 Results

AZ SnakePit 8, Space Wizard 2
Closer than it looked, with AZ taking Home-runs by one and RBI by two. But they got two HR from Joyce, with five R and five RBI; Votto matched that for Space. On pitching, Snake got two Wins and 15 K from staff ace Wainweight, Space countering with a W + two Sv from Rodney.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 9, CompleteGameShutout 1
McLouth's four SB were all that stood between Complete and a blanking. Otherwise, it was all Wieter, who got three homers, six runs and nine RBI from both Lucroy and Encarnacion; Hardy got thee HR. Samardzija got a W + 19 K for Wieter, backed by 15 K from Harvey and 14 by Hernandez.

Phoenix Platypi 6, Dirt McGrit 3
Platypi struggled on offense, despite a solid week from Davis (four HR, ten Runs), taking only BA. McGrit had three HR and five RBI by Zimmerman. But Phoenix swept pitching, with a 2.75 ERA by Pitcher of the Week Lee, who gave them two W + 19 K, helped by 20 K from Darvish.

Alabama Slammers 3, Mizzoula Osprey 6
Five htters had multi-HR weeks for Mizzoula, led by Cabrera (three HR, eight RBI), aided by Fowler (two HR, seven R); Willingham had two HR and six RBI for Alabama. The W + Sv posted by Janssen for them was the margin in both categories; but Bumgarner's 12 K brought Mizzoula home.

Waffles 0, Sofa King Juiced 10
The first shutout of the year went to Sofa, who hit .305, led by Napoli's two HR and eight RBI. Neither side had a great pitching week, but King's 4.70 ERA was enough to complete the sweep: Balfour saved three games. Longoria drove in five for Waffles, who lost that category by one RBI.

The Fighting Amish 4, Got Grittiness? 6
Despite missing their catcher, Grittiness gritted out a win, hitting .324 with Tulowitski hitting two HR and scoring five runs. Morales had two HR and seven RBI for the Amish, who also got a W + 14 K from Latos. But Got countered with two W + !8 K from Verlander, and three Saves by Mujica.

Blonde Streaks 4, Moved Upton 6
An amazing week by Hitter of the Week Brown (seven HR, 13 RBI, two SB) helped Blonde on offense, but they came up short on the mound, despite Fister's 12 K. Kuroda matched those strikeouts for Moved, who also got three Sv from Johnson, and LaRoche's five Runs also proved crucial.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Sofa King Juiced 59-24-7 .694 - 10-0-0 2 10
2. Mizzoula Osprey 53-32-5 .617 7 6-3-1 10 15
3. Moved Upton 48-40-2 .544 13.5 6-4-0 4 15
4. MyWieterGetzLongoria 45-39-6 .533 14.5 9-1-0 7 11
5. Dirt McGrit 43-39-8 .522 15.5 3-6-1 11 16
6. AZ SnakePit 44-41-5 .517 16 8-2-0 1 7
7. Alabama Slammers 42-40-8 .511 16.5 3-6-1 14 27
8. Waffles 44-43-3 .506 17 0-10-0 8 24
9. Space Wizard 40-44-6 .478 19.5 2-8-0 5 2
10. Blonde Streaks 39-44-7 .472 20 4-6-0 9 12
11. Phoenix Platypi 37-46-7 .450 22 6-3-1 3 6
12. Got Grittiness? 35-51-4 .411 25.5 6-4-0 12 28
13. The Fighting Amish 31-54-5 .372 29 4-6-0 6 22
14. CompleteGameShutout 32-55-3 .372 29 1-9-0 13 23

Week 10 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. The Fighting Amish
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Space Wizard
Phoenix Platypi vs. CompleteGameShutout
Alabama Slammers vs. Dirt McGrit
Waffles vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Sofa King Juiced vs. Moved Upton
Blonde Streaks vs. Got Grittiness?

Having disposed of one third-place contender in no uncertain fashion, Sofa King Juiced now face another, in the shape of Moved Upton, who have won three of the past four rounds to move into the top three. Corbin has been the Upton's best player to date, and he'll go up against Juiced's ace, Buchholz. Will Moved fare better than Waffles? Well, they can hardly do worse....