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Diamondbacks 5, Braves 11


Scott Cunningham

So the Diamondbacks had a 5-4 lead going into the 8th inning. Then this happened:

- D. Hernandez relieved H. Bell
- C. Johnson popped out to left center
- R. Johnson hit for J. Walden
- R. Johnson hit by pitch
- A. Simmons hit by pitch, R. Johnson to second
- J. Heyward doubled to left, R. Johnson scored, A. Simmons to third, A. Simmons scored on left fielder J. Kubel's fielding error
- J. Upton singled to shallow right, J. Heyward to third
- T. Sipp relieved D. Hernandez
- F. Freeman walked, J. Upton to second
- B. McCann singled to right, J. Heyward and J. Upton scored, F. Freeman to second
- D. Uggla doubled to left center, F. Freeman scored, B. McCann to third
- B.J. Upton hit sacrifice fly to right center, B. McCann scored, D. Uggla to third
- J.J. Putz relieved T. Sipp
- C. Johnson singled to center, D. Uggla scored
- R. Johnson grounded out to shortstop

And as such...

A.J Pollock and Miguel Montero had home runs, but it didn't seem to matter, eh?

Full recap coming at some point.