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Diamondbacks 2, Nationals 3: Just the Facts

Unlike yesterday's game, tonight's affair seemed to start with such hope. As you can tell by the headline, though, it all went downhill from there, with the Diamondbacks now losers of three straight.


Maybe we should have called the game after the first inning. That's legal, right?

Things seemed to be going all Arizona's way, after an Aaron Hill, Paul Goldschmidt double, and a Martin Prado single brought 2 runs to the visitor's side. I had dreams of Hill being in his Hillraiser form, Goldschmidt mashing all comers. That Wade Miley gave up a run in the bottom of the first wasn't enough to damper my enthusiasm.

This isn't to suggest that the rest of the game was a nightmare, far from it. The Natinals are a better team then the results have borne so far, and they ground it out tonight to get a win in that Natitude style of very good pitching and just enough offense.

Ryan Zimmerman was a particular thorn in Miley's side, doubling in a run in the bottom of the first, and then grounding into a double play in the 5th that still scored a run. Tyler Moore contributed with a solo home run, so I guess he did make it after all.

Miley wasn't lockdown, running into the most trouble in the 4th and 5th innings, but he was more than enough for us to win. Unfortunately, the hitting couldn't figure out Jordan Zimmermann, only getting 4 hits.

That's how it goes, sometimes, though, and I personally thought it was a nice early evening of base ball, even if our side didn't end victorious. A little more élan, boys, next time, and we'll get it!

Full recap to follow.