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SnakeBytes 6/26: Cahill's June Swoon

Trevor Cahill is not having a good month. The right-hander took the bump last night, allowing six runs in five innings and raising his his June ERA to 9.30 in the process.

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Greg Fiume

Quotes of the Day

“It’s tough. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and work on some things but also not try to change too much. You don’t want to be completely lost.”

- Trevor Cahill on his struggles as of late.

"I don't know if he's trying to change his delivery or what. He changes from pitch to pitch. Sometimes he pitches like (Brad) Ziegler, sometimes he's over the top, sometimes he's a little bit lower then, so it's hard."

- Miguel Montero on Cahill's mechanical issues.

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks can't dig out of early hole against Washington Nationals

Trevor Cahill's miserable June continued against the Nationals. Cahill gave up six runs in five innings, raising his ERA for the month of June to a positively Gallaragan 9.30. The Diamondbacks, for their part, clawed back admirably from a six-run deficit, but ultimately fell short. Encouragingly, Aaron Hill appears not to have missed a beat, going two for four and drawing a walk in his first game back from injury.

Who’s the closer?; a shortstop platoon?; farm report; & other stuff | Insiders

Aaron Hill's return complicates matters in the middle of the infield. Last night may have been a glimpse into the future with Willie Bloomquist getting the start at shortstop against a left-handed pitcher. Didi Gregorious, as good as he's been thus far, has struggled mightily against lefties, slashing .194/.254/.242 (*SSS disclaimer). In other news, the Heath Bell Experience shambles ever onward, but that may be coming to an end with J.J. Putz currently rehabbing in Reno.

Gerardo Parra: Stop Trying To Steal | FanGraphs Baseball

Yes. Please.

Around the League

Los Angeles Dodgers’ rookie phenom Yasiel Puig deserves to play in the All-Star Game

Surprisingly, this was written by local writer Paola Boivin. Her central premise seems to be that because MLB attached home field advantage to the All-Star game, the best players in the league should be on the field. Because Yasiel Puig has been the best player in the league over the 20 games he's been up, she contends he should go to the All-Star game.

Dontrelle Willis toils for the Long Island Ducks. | : Howard Megdal Article

Former Diamondback Dontrelle Willis hasn't given up on trying to pitch in the big leagues again. The former-star now pitches in an independent league, struggling to regain his command and find the magic that made him one of the most popular baseball players in the world (if only for about a year).

Brian Cashman: A-Rod "Should Just Shut The F**k Up"

Brain Cashman saying what everyone is thinking.


#WhatWouldKTDo (WhatWouldKTDo) on Twitter

Which one of you is behind this?