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Eric Hinske suspension reduced to one game

On appeal, Hinske's suspension for his part in the brawl against the Dodgers has been reduced from five games and a fine, to one game with no fine. He'll serve it tonight in Washington.

Marc Serota

In other words, they saw the same video we all did at the time. I would still be fascinated to learn the justification for the original suspension, and on what video footage that was based.

Yes, that's absolutely true, certainly considering that Yasiel Puig and Clayton Kershaw - the latter the man who started the plunkings, remember - got away with absolutely no suspension at all. I think it's safe to say that an 80% reduction in sentence (and the removal of the fine) is all but an admission by MLB that they screwed up.

Chances of that happening? Slim to none, unfortunately - and Slim just left town.

Way to go, union! That's how you stand up for the rights of a player! Oh, hang on - my mistake. That's actually how you roll over and cozy up to the commissioner's office, helping them avoid the embarrassment of an actual hearing where they'd have had to justify the unjustifiable. I'll leave the final word to a team-mate, who nails it exactly: