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Diamondbacks Trends for June 14th-19th

Good evening, class. I am your substitute Trender, Mr. McLennan. Ms. 'charmer is away this week, so do not expect any easy up-arrows given out for effort from me. I grade on a harsher curve. So, sit up straight, no talking and Bell Junior - I hope you brought enough for the entire class to share...


Starting Rotation

Player Trend Notes
Ian Kennedy
Kennedy appealed against his suspension and did start against the Padres on Sunday, getting a no-decision after working six innings and allowing one run, leaving with the scores tied at one. He subsequently dropped his suspension, so won't be troubling Ms. 'charmer next week.
Trevor Cahill
Cahill's first start was good, striking out a season-high 10 in San Diego, though took the loss, not quite reaching six innings and allowing two runs. However, yesterday's start was curtailed after just one inning, by a line-drive to the hip. Doesn't sound like he'll miss any time.
Wade Miley
Six innings, one earned run gets a down arrow? Told you I was harsh. The issue was the five unearned runs Miley allowed. While not strictly his fault, allowing a three-run homer to 'roider Grandal is not the sort of thing which can be allowed to go unpunished. Must try harder. See me.
Patrick Corbin
Corbin's third attempt to get that tricky tenth victory proved no more successful than his first two, though he worked eight innings and allowed two runs. Those two, however, came because he pitched to Giancarlo Stanton. I trust he learned from this mistake and we will not need to discuss the matter again.
Randall Delgado
With the departure of Tyler Skaggs, Delgado got the call up from Reno. Hopes weren't exactly high, but it's probably safe to say that Delgado exceeded all expectations, pitching seven innings and holding the Marlins to two runs. He would seem likely to have earned himself at least one more start.


Player Trend Notes
Heath Bell
Two appearances, two home-runs, one loss and one perilously nerve-wracking save. The former came from pitching to Giancarlo Stanton. So, if Patrick Corbin jumped off a cliff, you'd do it do, Bell?
Charles Brewer
Ah, the thankless task of the mop-up guy. After Miley's meltdown, it was up to Brewer to tidy things, and he threw a pair of scoreless innings in San Diego. His thanks? A bus-ticket to Reno, to make room for Delgado.
Josh Collmenter
Enough said.
Will Harris
Four batters faced, four outs. Can't argue with that.
David Hernandez
One really bad appearance, taking the loss on Sunday as the result of a three-run homer to Kyle Blanks. But scoreless innings in both appearances vs. Miami, getting the W each time. Not enough.
Joe Paterson
Bueller... Bueller.... Bueller? Absent. No, really. I had to check to see if he had been sent back down to Reno. Hasn't pitched since June 11.
Tony Sipp
Apparently, wherever Paterson is, Sipp appears to be as well, since he hasn't worked in a game since June 12. Must be something about left-handers.
Brad Ziegler
Ziegler's gonna Ziegle. Three games: nine up, nine down. Two Padres actually managed to get the ball to the outfield against Ziegler. Well done.

Starting Lineup

Player Trend Notes
Gerardo Parra
With a collective .180 average for the offense this week, this is where it's gonna get messy. Parra is first to be sent to the principal's office, going 5-for-25 with no walks, for an OBP of .200, right at the Uecker Line. He's gonna have a lot of company.
Didi Gregorius
As Ms. 'charmer noted last week, pitchers are adjusting to Didi - and he doesn't seem to be adjusting back. He went 2-for-17, with an OPS of .284, the worst of any non-pitcher this week. The honeymoon is over.
Paul Goldschmidt
By most standards, a .150 average would get you a down arrow, but with two of his three hits being homers - including a walk-off one - he skates by with the bare minimum, and a warning not to do it again.
Martin Prado
I'm beginning to think Prado's nickname should be "down arrow", he's had so many of them this year. He did swat a two-run homer to tie things up on Wednesday, but 3-for-19 and a .568 OPS doesn't cut it. Though a certain Braves OF had a .272 OPS this week...
Willie Bloomquist
Said Ms. 'Charmer last week, "he's settled down from his hot start off the DL - his average dropped from .611 to .429, and it will go down more." Mission accomplished, courtesy of a 3-for-18 week.
Miguel Montero
Yep, Montero gets a green three weeks in a row, leading those who had more than two PAs this week, with a .263/.333/.474 line, for an .807 OPS. He's hitting .286 over the past month: while he has only one HR in that time, the worst appears to be behind Miggy.
Cody Ross
The good: a three-run homer off the bench yesterday against the Marlins. The bad: that was his only hit of the week, in 14 at-bats. I really hope it was Cody's eyes which were the problem
A.J. Pollock
The second week in a row hitting .167 for Pollock,. who is 3-for-24 since the team arrived in Los Angeles.


Player Trend Notes
Eric Hinske
Singled in one of his three plate-appearances this week, but his biggest contribution may have been faking the Marlins into bringing a left-hander in for Cody Ross.
Jason Kubel
Tied with Goldschmidt for the lead in walks, but an anemic 2-for-11 at the plate, and the ongoing lack of power, led to a .539 OPS.
Wil Nieves
Probably going to see less playing time now Montero is hitting better. Didn't start any of this week's games, but went 1-for-2 off the bench.
Cliff Pennington
Three starts and 11 trips to the plate, but only got on base twice.
Josh Wilson
Only appearance was as a pinch-runner on Wednesday and got to trot round the bases in front of Ross. Last at-bat was June 8.

Disabled List

Player Trend Notes
Eric Chavez
Could be headed for a rehab stint next week.
Adam Eaton
Has been DHing in extended spring training.
Aaron Hill
5-for-16 with a double and four RBI in four games for Reno. Shouldn't be long now.
Daniel Hudson
Had his second Tommy John surgery on Tuesday. Rehab v2.0 starts here...
Brandon McCarthy
Pplayed catch at 105 feet on Monday, should be back in early July.
J.J. Putz
Started a rehab assignment with Reno last night. All going well, he'll be back in a week.
Matt Reynolds
Won't be doing any heavy lifting for quite some time, as his torn UCL heals.
There'll be more detailed injury news in Diamondbacks Hospital, next off day, which is Monday.

Stats run from 6/13 - 6/19.