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Diamondbacks 1, Padres 2

Everyone knows that soft-tossing LHPs are the best baseball players on the planet, right?

Yeah, this guy
Yeah, this guy
Denis Poroy

So Eric Stults is apparently the destroyer of worlds (Taking that title from Michael J. Nelson) He allowed one hit in the first inning, and one hit in the ninth for a complete game, two hit and one run performance. Yes. Eric Stults. That guy.

It started off well. Gerardo Parra got a leadoff double to start off the game. He would score on a sacrifice fly by Cody Ross. The D'Backs would get two more baserunners all game. Miguel Montero reached on an error by Kyle Blanks in the fourth, and Willie Bloomquist singled with one out in the ninth. Again, Eric Stults pitched a complete game.

Trevor Cahill had a decent outing himself. He struck out 10, tying a career high for him. He was one strike away from getting out of a bases-loaded and no outs situation in the sixth inning, but left a sinker up to Logan Forsythe who drove in the only two runs for the Padres. It was apparently an insurmountable lead, since Eric Stults is Tom Glavine.