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Pre-Draft Top 60 Prospect List

Archie Bradley takes over my #1 prospect spot.
Archie Bradley takes over my #1 prospect spot.
Norm Hall

With the 2013 Rule IV MLB draft coming up on Thursday, it's time to release our pre-draft Top 60 Prospect List. We've now had 2 months to evaluate this year's prospects, incorporate the new off-season additions, and remove those who are no longer in our system. I've included my rating system for what I think their potential is, which has always inspired plenty of debate.

The biggest change to the list for me is I've moved Archie Bradley into the top spot. This wasn't an easy thing to do since Tyler Skaggs has made great strides from his early season struggles and even made an impressive major league start just a week ago. So it's more due to what Archie Bradley is doing than what Tyler Skaggs is not doing. Bradley just looks like one of those really rare prospects that is head and shoulders above the competition and he has landed on most Top 10 overall prospect lists by many of the top evaluators.

I've also moved Didi Gregorius onto the list at #4, just behind Adam Eaton, though he did get serious consideration for the #3 spot based on what he's done in the first two months of the season. Two more months of that and he'll pass Eaton, though he'll also be coming off the list around the same time as he loses his rookie status. A couple of fast risers have taken big jumps on our list, in particular Jake Lamb and Jake Barrett. Players who have fallen a few spots include Michael Perez, who is really struggling to hit A+ pitching, and Anthony Meo who is having a tough time with his command at the same level.

Other interesting movers include 20-year-old Brandon Drury who is tearing it up in South Bend, and Nick Ahmed, who hasn't been able to hit anything since coming over in the deal for Justin Upton. As always, any player that still maintains their rookie status is eligible for the list. We won't incorporate this year's draft picks into our list until around July when we see who has actually signed and maybe even have a chance to see some of them in action. So with no further ado, here's out Pre-Draft Top 60 Prospects list.

Rating System
Outstanding prospect. All-Star potential.
80-89 Very good prospect. Potential feature player with above-average production..
70-79 Solid prospect. Has a fair chance of becoming a contributing ML player.
60-69 Good prospect. Has an outside chance of making it to the majors.
50-59 Average prospect. Chance to get to the majors but will need further development.
40-49 Borderline prospect. Can’t be written off yet but odds are against.
30-39 Below average prospect. Long shot but could be good organizational guy.

Rank Prospect Pos 2013 Level Age* JB Rating Comments
1 Archie Bradley LHP AA 21 95 Looking special
2 Tyler Skaggs RHP AAA 22 94 ST problems look solved
3 Adam Eaton OF Majors 24 91 Injury derailed him
4 Didi Gregorius SS Majors 23 90 Looks like the real deal
5 Matt Davidson 3B AAA 22 89 Defense is a concern
6 David Holmberg LHP AA 21 88 Looking good not great
7 Chris Owings SS AAA 22 86 Hit tool is plus
8 Stryker Trahan C Rookie 19 85 May end up an OF
9 Andrew Chafin LHP AA 22 84 Doing well in AA
10 A.J. Pollock OF Majors 24 79 Nice 4th OF
11 Jake Lamb 3B A+ 22 78 Statement year so far
12 Michael Perez C A+ 20 77 Can't hit A+ pitching
13 Jake Barrett RHP A+ 21 77 Bucking for promotion
14 Alfredo Marte OF AAA 24 76 Future 4th OF?
15 Anthony Meo RHP AA 23 75 Struggling with command
16 Jose Munoz SS Rookie 19 72 Has plus tools
17 Brandon Drury 3B Low A 20 71 Coming on strong
18 Zeke Spruill RHP AAA 23 70 Getting hit lately
19 Chase Anderson RHP AAA 25 69 PCL victim
20 Nick Ahmed SS AA 23 68 Can't buy a hit
21 Jonathan Griffin 1B AA 24 66 AA has slowed him
22 Keon Broxton OF AA 23 65 Hot and cold
23 Alex Glenn OF A 21 65 Playing solidly
24 Matt Gorgen RHP AAA 26 65 More good than bad
25 Andrew Velasquez SS/2B Rookie 18 64 Ready for year two
26 Fidel Pena C/2B A 21 63 Not flashing yet
27 Gerson Montilla 2B A+ 23 62 Playing well
28 Cody Wheeler LHP A+ 23 60 Recently promoted
29 Evan Marzilli OF A+ 22 59 More glove than bat
30 Eury De La Rosa LHP AAA 23 58 Solid in AAA
31 Michael Bolsinger RHP AA 25 56 Pitching lights out
32 Charles Brewer RHP AAA 25 55 AAA ceiling?
33 Michael Freeman SS AA 25 52 Still holding his own
34 Kevin Munson RHP AAA 24 51 Making progress
35 Ben Eckels RHP Rookie 19 51 2nd season on tap
36 Seth Simmons RHP A+ 24 50 Terrific so far in A+
37 Felipe Perez RHP Rookie 19 50 1st season on deck
38 Daniel Watts LHP A 23 49 Lots of good outings
39 Socrates Brito OF A 20 48 Untapped potential
40 Andrew Barbosa LHP A+ 25 47 Injury slowed a good start
41 Chuck Taylor OF Rookie 19 45 Needs step forward
42 Alexander Carreras LHP A+ 23 43 Not pitching yet
43 Pedro Ruiz 2B/SS A 21 42 Young but shaky glove
44 Blake Perry RHP A 21 40 Time to start showing
45 Jesse Darrah RHP A 23 40 Good bounce back year
46 Jose Martinez RHP Rookie 19 40 Scouts like him
47 Kevin Medrano 2B A 23 39 Just keeps hitting
48 R.J. Hively RHP A 24 39 Terrific closing so far
49 Evan Marshall RHP AAA 23 38 Going wrong way
50 Breland Almadova OF A 22 37 Playing solidly
51 Sean Jamieson SS A+ 24 37 Outplaying others at SS
52 Tyler Bortnick INF AAA 25 35 Good but at ceiling?
53 Brian Billigen OF Rookie 23 33 Waiting for season 2
54 Chase Stevens RHP Rookie 22 32 Showed well in 2012
55 Raul Garcia SS Rookie 18 31 Is he coming stateside?
56 Taylor Siemens LHP A+ 23 30 Injured
57 Ty Linton OF Rookie 22 30 Last chance coming up
58 Ryan Court 3B A+ 25 30 Light bulb is on
59 Rudy Flores 1B A 22 30 Good start to 2013
60 Tyler Green RHP A+ 21 30 Injured

*Age as of June 1, 2013