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The Wit and Wisdom of Prospect Evaluation Regarding Paul Goldschmidt

An eighth-round pick in the 2009 draft out of Texas State, the 25-year-old has blown away critics with his work ethic, leadership, improvement, and most importantly, his production at 1st base for the Arizona Diamondbacks. But where did it come from? Let's take a look.

Young baseball killer in the making.
Young baseball killer in the making.
Woodlands High School Website

Paul Goldschmidt was a relative unknown coming out of The Woodlands HS out of Texas as the starting 3rd baseman on the nation's #1 High School Team. He was mostly overshadowed by his junior teammate Kyle Drabek, who was the only underclassmen chosen on the 2006 EA SPORTS All-American Team. They went on to win the State 5A Title behind a huge home run from our man, Paul Goldschmidt.

Pulpit rock

Backed by his senior year performance,
Paul Goldschmidt signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Texas State for the 2007 season when the Dodgers selected him in the 49th round (1453rd overall) of the 2006 draft. He did not sign and then went on to star at Texas State, smashing the school records for home runs (36) and RBI (178).

After being drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 8th round of the 2009 draft, he immediately produced but was grouped into the lumbering 1st baseman because of his size (6'4, 240) and position. Jeff Moore of HardBallTimes had this to say about the prospect.

 photo Capture1_zps7ad62406.png

David Reiffer and Tom Belmont of Baseball Instinct likewise described him as a limited player.

 photo Capture2_zps0278a6f7.png

The very respected John Sickels' of Minor League Ball only had this C grade of him in his 2010 Top Prospect Rankings, despite the huge power numbers.

 photo Capture4_zpsa586c5ca.png

Taking no mind to the doubters, Paul Goldschmidt continued his assault on minor league hitting with 42 doubles, 35 homers, and 108 rbi's while posting an OPS of .990. But the naysayers continued to concentrate on his strikeouts, and with good reason as he struck out a whopping 161 times in 599 PA. Keith Law in particular was very uncertain in his evaluation of him.

Jason Grey, a graduate of the MLB Scouting Bureau and writer for ESPN, had this to say about the rising star in 2011.

 photo Capture5_zps7088b56d.png

(Just an FYI, this is Ryan Shealy.)

But even the worst critics change their mind every once in a while.

But what have the fans said? Well, take a look and pray your past self didn't say anything stupid.

 photo Capture9_zps106234ff.png

 photo Capture8_zps4b488ead.png

And finally, with our fearless leader.

 photo Capture7_zps71aa3105.png

A star is right.