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Pit Your Wits Week 5: Bluuuuuuurb

We continue with a writing challenge, you too-lazy-to-use-paint people, you.

Ernesto Ruscio

Not all Pit Your Wits challenges work out. I'm more than okay with that since I don't have things like "pride" or "shame" or "a sense of professionalism" or "good manners" or any of that new-agey feel good crap. So things like last week where:

1. Only two entries were submitted.

2. The winning one violated THE ONLY STATED RULE of the challenge.

"The one ground rule for this is that whatever you submit has to be 100% drawn by you. "



But some people like to prance in front of the rules, flipping the bird, listening to the rap music, and disrespect America.

However, yeah, one of two entries.

So as a compromise, both imstillhungry95 (who hates freedom) and blank_38 will receive second place points this week. Don't like that ruling? Tough. I DIDN'T COME HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS!

Anyway, here are the standings.

blank_38 7
Jim McLennan 6
Zavada's_Moustache 6
soco 6
imstillhungry95 6
Diamondhacks 3
TylerO 1
piratedan7 1
TimInTucson 1

This week's challenge:

You know how when you look at the back of a book... You know a book... Like a non-electronic Kindle?... Still not ringing any bells?

Anyway, there is usually a short summary designed to lure the person into buying/checking out this book. This is called a "blurb." There are also often quotes of praise from other respected figures to aid in this. Your task this week is to write up a book blurb on the Diamondbacks season so far. Keep it under 150 words.... I will count.

Get to it!