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Snakebytes 5/7: Solid Gold

The Los Angeles Dodgers held a contest on Monday night, allowing one lucky fan to play left field for the night. The results were . . . not great. Wait, that was Carl Crawford?

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Quotes of the Day

"The ball Goldschmidt hit out, I got that one in there and he still hit it out. It seems like even when I make good pitches Goldschmidt finds a way to get it to the outfield or find a hole. He's got a good approach against me."

- Chris Capuano on Paul Goldschmidt

"I've had some good ABs. Tonight, I was seeing the ball well and was able to get some good pitches to hit and make good enough contact to get a couple of knocks."

- Paul Goldschmidt on his dominance of Chris Capuano.

"I saw it and I was wanting it to get down. I saw him dive. I thought he blocked it or something, and then I saw him running towards the wall and I figured it was time to run a little bit harder."

- Trevor Cahill on his triple.

"I don't know what that was about. He's got to get in better position to see that. I felt like I caught it. TV showed I caught it. I hope for instant replay to get here quick. I know people make mistakes, but that was a catch. I'm pretty sure the umpire will be upset about me saying that, but it is what it is."

- Carl Crawford deflecting blame for his brain fart on to the umps.

Diamondbacks Links

New lineup pays off for Arizona Diamondbacks in win over the Los Angeles Dodgers

Paul Goldschmidt continued his complete and utter ownership of Chris Capuano improving to 12 for 15 with 3 homers and 3 doubles for his career against Capuano. The damage might not have been so bad for the Dodgers had Carl Crawford not played left field like a Beer Leaguer. In the second inning Carl slid for the ball in left field and whiffed, turning a routine bloop single off the bat of Trevor Cahill into a triple. A triple. For Trevor Cahill. That dude hasn't seen third base since prom night. It takes that guy an Amtrak ticket and three days to reach third base and our good buddy Carl made that happen for Trevor. What a guy. The fun didn't end there, however, as Carl flubbed the most routine of routine fly balls in the 5th inning. Didi Gregorious hit a lazy pop fly to left, the fans let out a collective yawn, Carl appeared to make the catch and then just kind of dropped it. Can outfielders get Steve Blass Disease? I think Carl should get himself tested.

Paul Goldschmidt still owns Chris Capuano; Trevor Cahill does not go Pete Rose; & other stuff | Insiders

Trevor Cahill really missed an opportunity to put the pitchers' batting competition title away. Too bad.

Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorius is hitting better than expected

Didi has been awesome this year. Mr. Towers, if you're reading this (and I know you are), I just wanted you to know that being a vegetarian I cannot eat crow, but if a suitable vegetarian substitute comes to market (Craux?) I will gladly eat my share.

Around the League

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Adrian Gonzales has adopted a more contact-oriented approach at the plate following shoulder surgery at the end of the 2010 season.

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This is a cool profile on Oakland's first baseman Nate Freiman.

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Well, we probably could have seen this coming.


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The K-Pop star who threw out the first pitch has a nasty sinker.