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Preview: Game #32: Diamondbacks @ Dodgers

Neither side has done much of late, so which struggling team beginning with D will come out on top tonight?

Happy birthday, Gerardo!
Happy birthday, Gerardo!
Mike McGinnis


Trevor Cahill
RHP, 1-3, 2.84


Chris Capuano
LHP, 0-1, 9.64

Diamondbacks Line-up not available at the time of writing. That's because I'm getting this pre-scheduled, due to the arrival of some friends from Britain, who will be staying at SnakePit Towers for a few days. I will be scaring them with the glowing yellow ball of fire in the sky, and demanding they worship it and offer up their children in sacrifice to appease its anger . Either that, or we'll go to Arizona Mills mall, I'm not sure yet. Either way, won't be around, so Clefo will be pinch-hitting for me on the recap this evening. Which will likely be kinda late, since this is a Dodger Stadium special, with first pitch not taking place until about 7:10pm.

This will be Capuano's fourth start of the season, and the first one not to come against San Diego. Dammit, ZM just posted that. Hang on, let's see if there's anything I can come up with that he didn't mention. Blah blah injury. Blah blah home-runs. Hah: here's something. Capuano shares his birthday with another ex-Diamondback who also went on to pitch for the Dodgers, Lance Cormier. Though they managed to miss each other by a year, on both franchises.

Xeifrank has been running sims of every Dodger game this year, playing each contest a million times. which is kinda cool. Here are his full results, which show us winning about 87,000 more times! Woo-hoo! It sounds a lot less dominating if you put it as a 54.4% chance of victory. Still, it's weird to be going into Dodger Stadium, against the team with the biggest payroll in baseball, and find yourself being viewed as the favorite in the series opener. The projection shows Cahill going 6.1 innings, and allowing three runs on six hits and two walks, with six strikeouts. Capuano looks to... blah blah home-runs. :)

And a happy birthday to everyone's favorite Venezuelan outfielder, Gerardo Parra, who turns 26 today. Coincidence that he shares a birthday with Willie Mays? I think not. The last two years, Gerardo has celebrated his birthday with a multi-hit game, getting two hits and a walk on both occasions: even though there's a left-hander starting today, hopefully he'll have enough energy left for another one, after blowing out the candles on his cake.