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SnakeBytes 5/6: Cinco de Sucko

Ian Kennedy's winless streak reaches 6 games to start the season as the D-backs leave San Diego on a bad note with a 5-1 loss. They now head on over to the Ravine for a 3-game series with the Dodgers. Ian and Kirk Gibson discuss the loss on Sunday, Cahill talks about his last start, and Matt Reynolds describes why it's so different playing in Colorado.

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At least the bullpen didn't give up any runs...
At least the bullpen didn't give up any runs...
Denis Poroy

Quotes of the Day

I don't feel like I've thrown that bad until today. It weighs on you because you have to wait five more days. That's what (stinks) about this game. You do that, then you throw two bad pitches and it changes your whole day. If I had just gotten one more strike, it would have been a day where you battled throughout.

-- Ian Kennedy

We didn't have anything going at all. We didn't make any adjustments to what he was doing. He was trying to start off with off-speed pitches and we were out in front. We didn't have a good approach. It should because we only had four hits

-- Kirk Gibson

It's real frustrating when you're so close and you can't finish it out. You're going to kick yourself maybe even more than if I'd only gone three innings and given up 10. It's a bad feeling.

-- Trevor Cahill

It’s not so much the park. I think your body feels a little different there. Throughout the course of the season, when you are playing at altitude, you are coming home from the road and your body doesn't recover as quickly. When you go in and out of there for a series, you don’t necessarily notice it as much as when you are there for an extended period.

-- Matt Reynolds

Diamondbacks' Pints

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Ian Kennedy was hanging in against the Padres -- until he hung changeups to rookie Jedd Gyorko and Will Venable and had to watch them them sail out of the park.

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The D-backs and Dodgers have both struggled against the National League West early in 2013. Arizona is 9-10 against the division, while the Dodgers have a 5-13 mark vs. the rest of the NL West.

For D-backs' Reynolds, location's been everything |
Out of Colorado's thin air, D-backs reliever Matt Reynolds has longest scoreless streak in majors.

Montero studious to improve approach to batters |
Miguel Montero takes the responsibility of calling a game very seriously, so any extra information he can glean about an opposing hitter is welcome.

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That title says all.

Baseball Shots

BVmIHV0.gif (480×264)
Sorry Mexico but this is MURRRICA

irofuTNVRyk3D.gif (640×358)
I haven't seen this on a baseball field since my nephew did it on accident at his coach pitch game 2 years ago.

FhsnEm5.jpg (600×450)
The Dodgers have problems.