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Diamondbacks 6, Padres 7: Maybe the Padres Should Move Back the Fences

The Diamondbacks are going to continue to have 1 run games, whether you like it or not.

Denis Poroy

Record: 15-14. Pace: 84-78. Change over last year: +2.

Don't let the score deceive you; this game was not as close as it appears. It wasn't a blow-out, either. It was just a long walk through suburbia.

The Diamondbacks started the game with two straight strikeouts against Jason Marquis of all pitchers could have been considered a sign of what was to come. Not that the Diamondbacks struggled offensively, though they kind of did despite the end score, but more that it was a weird game.

Arizona would strike first in the second inning, with Miguel Montero depositing a home run past the centerfield wall for his second of the season. Maybe now he'll get it going. His blast didn't last long in keeping the away team in the lead, though, with the Padres fighting back in the bottom of the second to get two runs. It was a inning where Wade Miley was getting kind of hit hard, giving up a double, a single, and a triple.

Miley didn't have a great night, going only 5 innings whilst giving up 9 hits, 4 earned runs, and 3 walks. He did get 4 strikeouts, but he just hasn't looked comfortable on the mound for the past couple starts. What's the matter with Torgo? I can't say for certain, but I'm putting my money on a goblin curse.

Anyways, there was a point, before Miley gave up the lead again, that it looked like the Diamondbacks might hold on to a win. Granted, it was early, but baby, I'm a dreamer. In the top of the fourth Arizona got things going again, and had two on by 2 walks and a fielder's choice for Eric Chavez. He promptly doubled to bring in Cody Ross. Then Chad Cliff Pennington grounded out to bring in Montero for a second run to give the D-backs a 3-2 lead.

But good things never last, in my experience. The Padres took back the lead in the bottom of the fifth and never looked back. Jesus Guzman was on base after a fielder's choice, and he won one free pass to pass home, courtesy of his good friend Yonder Alonso, who hit a homer somewhere yonder the right field wall, right where the Jack Daniels fields a home run of choices in adult beverages.

Things happened after that, I guess. Brad Ziegler came in a turned the Moulin Rouge into a real theater, to predictable results. Gerardo Parra made things kind of interesting in the ninth by hitting a three run homer with two outs to make the deficit only one.

It wouldn't be enough, which you should already know because the title of this recap has the score.

Source: FanGraphs

Daft Punk: Eric Chavez (19.7%)

Nickelback: Wade Miley (-33.8%)

Not a very busy Gameday Thread, just barely topping 400 comments. I think this was partially due to it being a Friday night, but also due to the soul sucking nature of the game. Even Parra's home run didn't generate too much excitement. I topped the list with 45 comments, and I was joined by: 4 Corners Fan, AJV19, AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, Baseballdad, Bryan J. Boltik, Clefo, Diamondhacks, Fangdango, GuruB, Jake6233, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Lozenge, Majabe, Paper Clip, Rockkstarr12, SongBird, The so-called Beautiful, Turambar, asteroid, azshadowwalker, benhat, coldblueAZ, hotclaws, and kishi, luckycc.

Comment of the Night goes to luckycc for this bit about Yonder Alonso:

I hate Yonder Alonso

His name bugs me. It doesn’t sound like a name, it sounds like directions.

"This is gonna get very interesting." "Define interesting." "Oh God, Oh God, we're all gonna die."

So there you have it, another D-backs loss. Tomorrow they face off against the Padres again, with Patrick Corbin and Clayton Richard being the respective starters. First pitch is at 5:40pm, so be here, or somewhere else.