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Diamondbacks 2, Cubs 7

Much like yesterday, local fans might be glad this game wasn't televised...

David Banks

Wade Miley got the start this afternoon, and it was another rough game. The Wrigley Field winds seemed to only be blowing in favor of the Cubs, as they took three home runs from Miley.

In the 1st, our arch nemesis Alfonso Soriano hit a two-out, two-run home run that he thought was out right away but truly just kept carrying and carrying to the basket over Gerardo Parra's head. In the 3rd inning, with two on base and one out, they decided to walk Soriano and load the bases, setting up a force out double play at any base. Normally, that's a good plan, but former Diamondback great Scott Hairston decided to play well against us today, and he hit a no-doubt grand slam to the left field bleachers. Two batters later, former Diamondback great Cody Ransom also homered to left. Suddenly, the game went from a very manageable 2-0 deficit to an unsurmountable 7-0 deficit.

The Diamondbacks did manage to avoid being shut out (still the only team this season) by scoring two runs in the 6th inning. Wade spared the bullpen and pitched seven full innings; not only that, but he finished strong with four scoreless innings.

Outside of the 6th, the Diamondbacks didn't have many scoring opportunities, and they dropped the opener 7-2.