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Snake Bytes 5/30, Rainy Day Blues

Game one of the series in Arlington was rained out, and game two in un-televised. What's a fan to do?

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Quick Quotes

"The field took a ton of water," manager Kirk Gibson said. "They wanted to play a game tonight and we didn't want to play a doubleheader. It was just dangerous. It was really muddy on the baselines. Part of the field was OK. Realistically, the groundskeeper said that they need to get some spikes in it and let it air out so it's playable."

Kirk Gibson on Wednesday's game being postponed due to inclement weather.

Daily Diamondback Digest

Downpour Postpones Game in Arlington

A tremendous downpour caused the Wednesday matchup between the Diamondbacks and Rangers to be postponed. No date has yet been set for the replay of the game, other than a "mutual off day". Given how hinkey the schedule is this year, it may be an "as necessary" game at the end of the season.

Towers' Plan Coming to Light

GM Kevin Towers' off-season plan for the Diamondbacks roster is starting to pay dividends and questionable moves are starting to show early benefits.

Arizona Has History of Finding Diamondbacks in the Rough

Arizona has a history of finding MLB in the later rounds of the Rule 4 Draft.

Around MLB

It's Rivalry Week

Or at least it is supposed to be. However, divisional realignment and quirky scheduling has taken what little luster used to exist on this week of games.

Weaver Notches First ‘W' of Season

In case anyone was wondering why the Los Angeles Angels are struggling so much this year; it's two months into the season and Jered Weaver is just returning from the DL to garner his first win, a 3-4 victory over the cross-town rival Dodgers. Though that isn't their only problem, it does highlight their lack of depth.